Sex underwear shop homepage

Sex underwear shop homepage

As an expert in sexy underwear, I conducted research on the home clothes store homepage. Combining my years of experience and knowledge, I will share with you how to create a good sexy underwear shop homepage.

1. Navigation bar

The navigation bar should be the most important part of the homepage. It needs to include "homepage", "female underwear", "men’s underwear", "sex toys" and other products, so that customers can quickly find the products they need.

2. Slide

Adding slides to the page can attract users’ attention. It can carry brand image, recommend popular products and preferential activities.However, it should be noted that there should be too much slide, too much will affect the loading speed of the website and the customer experience.

3. Hot goods

The popular products on the homepage are the "signboards" of the store. You need to make yourself a "explosion". Generally, the popular products will be placed on the most conspicuous position on the page, making it easier for customers to see and produce the desire to buy.At the same time, it is necessary to update the matching of popular products, and recommend the combination of underwear and toy combinations of different brands.

4. Meitu appreciation

The part of the addition of Meitu appreciation on the homepage can provide customers with more inspiration and options. At the same time, it can also strengthen the visual impact and increase brand awareness for the store.It is important that the quality and credibility of these beautiful pictures require high, and do not let users feel false propaganda.

5. Brand introduction

Brand introduction is an important way for a brand to show its own products and images, and it is necessary to give users a chance to understand their brand more.You can add the brand’s historical background, design concept and product characteristics to the homepage, leaving a deep impression on users.

6. Recommended matching

Customers often need to match different underwear and toys to meet their needs, so adding recommended parts on the homepage can help customers better choose.It should be noted that the recommended matching scheme requires a certain amount of feasibility to prevent customers from buying decisions.

7. Commodity classification

Provide customers with a clear classification interface to help customers find the goods they need faster.The part of the product classification on the homepage can more obviously classify the products and specialized categories to facilitate more customers to choose and search.

8. Customer evaluation

Customer evaluation is a very important reference standard. It can be said that it is an important part of store reputation. Adding customer evaluation and sharing can win more trust and praise for the store.It should be noted that it is necessary to guide customers to leave evaluations with quality and reference value.

9. Offer information

Discount promotions and coupons are effective ways to attract customers, which can display preferential activities in the preferential information bar on the homepage.This can reduce the user experience on the page and improve the user experience of the page.

10. Contact information

Finally, the site should also include contact information so that customers can consult you about products, services and shopping processes.You can add electronic mailboxes, phone numbers, customer service service small windows, etc. to the bottom of the page.

In short, the homepage of the sexy underwear shop needs to contain clear navigation bars, popular product display, brand introduction, beauty appreciation, customer evaluation, product classification and recommendation matching, discount information, and contact information, so that they can make it possible for customers to browse,Buy and follow -up service experience.

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