Sex underwear photo micro disk

Sex underwear photo micro disk

Sex underwear photo micro disk

In recent years, sexy underwear has become more and more popular with women and has become a representative of sexy and fashionable.There are many types of erotic underwear, and the brand is mixed, and many consumers may have doubts.This article will introduce you to the classification of sexy underwear and the style suitable for different occasions. I hope it will be helpful to you.

1. Foreign show underwear

The forefront underwear is designed to increase sexual interest. Unlike the basic type of daily underwear, common styles include interesting bras, sexy lace pajamas.Some sexy elements are added with sexy bras, such as mesh, lace, tulle, etc., which can not only have the effect of showing the chest, but it will not make people feel too explicit.Most of the fun lace pajamas are simple in shape. They use soft skin -friendly fabrics to add a strong taste to sleep.

2. Breast enhancement and shaping underwear

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If you want to improve the lines of the breast and increase the plumpness, breast enhancement and shaping underwear are a good choice.This kind of underwear is mainly used to increase the curve and support of the milk part of the coasters and steel rings, which is especially suitable for women with sagging breasts and unpretentious.

3. Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is one of the most common sexy underwear. It is very suitable for sexual party or interesting dating.Sexy underwear is suitable for women with curves with curves. It often uses transparent mesh fabrics and lace to make the chest lines more prominent.In addition, some sexy underwear also comes with stockings, gloves and other accessories, which can better satisfy the fantasy of women.

4. Tempting underwear

At home, a sexy temptation underwear may be your magic weapon to add interest.This type of underwear is rich in types. It uses high -quality and rich fabrics. It is best to be smooth silk and soft lace, which can make your body outline more prominent and exciting.

5. lace underwear

Lace is one of the most important elements in sexy underwear. It can not only show softness, but also fully express the sexy and tenderness of women.Lace underwear can not only be used as ordinary clothes, but also is often selected as exquisite underwear at weddings and parties to show people sexy and temperament.

6. Low chest underwear

If you want to exude sexy but do not want to be too exposed, then low -cut underwear is your best choice.The low -cut underwear design is unique and shorter than the ordinary bra. Therefore, you can match the ordinary V -neck top, which can decorate the chest lines and not expose too much skin.


7. No steel ring underwear

The steel -free underwear is a more emerging of many underwear. It has several times the comfort of the general bra. Although it has abandoned some of the support, it has retained the ability to maintain the chest curve. It can be said that it is comfortable.The perfect combination of sex and sexy.

8. Cotton underwear

For daily wear, comfort is the most important consideration.Therefore, a cotton underwear suitable for wearing all over the weather is essential.Cotton underwear is soft and has good breathability, but it is often not very designed.But adding some elements such as lace, silk, etc., you can properly become a fashion dress in daily life.

9. Broken trousers

Tr carry panties are sexy underwear shapes. Its triangle design makes you more comfortable and easy to wear.This underwear eliminates too much material on the underwear and allows you to take all styles of clothing with confident clothing.

10. T -pants

T -shaped pants are two thin band underwear, also called "three -point underwear".Although T -shaped pants are not covered with many, it can show the perfect hip lines, which is also a shortcut of sexy and fashionable.

End view:

The design pursuit of sexy underwear is to maintain sexy, but also to achieve a unique texture effect.The sexy underwear that suits you will make women exude their own charm while sexy.Different types of erotic underwear have their dress occasions and wearing objects. When purchasing, you need to choose according to your needs.