Sex underwear Market Survey Report

Sex underwear Market Survey Report

Background introduction

The sexy underwear market is no longer unfamiliar to adults.As one of the sex auxiliary tools, interesting underwear can not only increase interest and fun, but also change people’s sexual concepts and improve sexual experience.In recent years, the sexy underwear market has continued to expand, and more and more people have begun to accept and use sexy underwear products.

Market research results

After market survey, we found that the consumer group in the sex underwear market is mainly young people aged 25-40.Among them, female consumers account for more than half of the market, while male consumers are stable at about 30%.

Consumer needs and willingness to choose

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When choosing sexy underwear, consumers value the quality and price most.They believe that the quality and comfort of sexy underwear products can directly determine their experience and purchase willingness.At the same time, the price is also a very important indicator. For ordinary consumer groups, the price of sexy underwear suitable for consumption is between 100-300 yuan.

Fun underwear popular style

In the market, sexy style sexy underwear is the most popular.Among them, lace, lace, and transparent materials are more popular.In addition, there are many style of sexy underwear, such as maid costumes, nurses, police installations, etc., which can meet the different needs of consumers.

Interesting underwear consumer channels

The consumption of sexy underwear is mainly through two channels, online and offline.The online channels are mainly e -commerce platforms, such as Taobao,, Tmall, etc., and offline are mainly sex products stores and adult products stores.

Brand competitiveness

For the sexy underwear market, the brand is one of the important factors for consumers to choose.In the market, there are some well -known brands, such as Vivanna, JXZY, etc., their products are not only guaranteed in quality, but also more attractive in appearance design and packaging.

Market trend and development prospects

With the gradual opening up of social progress and the concept of sexual sex, the market prospects are broad.In the future, the sex underwear market will be more diversified and professional, and the comfort and quality of products will become an important factor for consumers to pay more attention to.At the same time, the technology and intelligent products of sexy underwear will also be further developed and promoted.

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Marketing strategy and promotion method

Sex underwear manufacturers can carry out different promotional activities among consumers, such as group purchase, discounts, points and other activities to attract consumers to buy.At the same time, open platforms such as public accounts and Weibo on social media to promote the knowledge and use skills of sexy underwear, and enhance brand awareness and market influence.

Brand expansion and product innovation

Fun underwear brands should continue to launch innovative products and services according to market demand and consumer feedback.In terms of expanding markets, special products and services can be promoted, such as sex products specialty stores or direct stores.At the same time, we must also pay attention to user experience and improve the quality and satisfaction of after -sales service.

Policy environment and standardized management

The sexy underwear market should abide by national laws and regulations, strengthen product quality supervision, and ensure the health and safety of the product.Government departments should also introduce corresponding standardized documents to promote the healthy development of the sexy underwear market.


As a sexual auxiliary tool, sexy underwear has many restrictions on the inherent concepts and cultural backgrounds, but as a market -oriented product, it has become an important part of the current sex products market.Interest underwear can not only increase sexual interests and interests, but also use this to promote good sex education knowledge, so that more people have a healthier sex life.The future of the sex underwear market will definitely be more broad and diversified, but manufacturers should also strengthen self -discipline and standardization to ensure the rights and interests of consumers and the healthy development of the market.