Self -made love underwear video online watch

Self -made love underwear video online watch

What is even body -made underwear?

Even physical underwear is a style that integrates clothes and sexy underwear.It is characterized by it to closely fit the body, highlight the curve of women, and show sexy beauty.

Why do you make your own sexy underwear?

Self -controlled physical and sexy underwear can satisfy their pursuit of beauty, and can save time and spending. Even the body sexy underwear is more in line with their body size, and the dressing effect is better.

How to choose the material?

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You can choose a personal skin -friendly fabric or sexy lace fabric, and you can also use elastic yarns to make the body’s sexy underwear more fit the female body curve.

How to give full play to your creativity?

When making a more physical underwear, processing and modification can be processed according to your own creativity, such as changes in cutting, increasing or reducing the area of lace, increasing detail decoration, etc. to make it more in line with your own personality and aesthetics.

How to arrange time reasonably?

It takes patience and time to make even physical and sexy underwear. It can be made on weekends or holidays, or a certain production time can be planned. During the production process, it can be decomposed into several steps to achieve better results.

How to cut it?

First of all, you can get a suitable size according to your body. You need to be fine when cutting. You can measure the size of each part of the body, plan the basic models, and then modify it on the paper mold. Finally, cut it on the cloth.

How to suture?

When stitching, you need to consider the quality and color matching of the stitching. First of all, the assembly is first assembled. After determining the stitching position, the cloth strip is sutured with a sewing machine. After the suture is sutured


How to add jewelry decoration?

You can decorate jewelry on the body’s sexy underwear, such as sequins, bow knots, etc. You can choose glue or sewing, but you need to pay attention to whether the color is matched with the color of the lingerie itself.Dressing experience.

Even the maintenance of sexy underwear?

When cleaning up the body’s sexy underwear, you can choose a dedicated personal clothing cleaning agent, wash it by hand. After washing with water, you can use natural air -drying. At the same time, you can also use a professional fitted clothes dry cleaner to deal with it.

How to share self -made love underwear videos?

After the self -made sexy underwear is completed, you can choose to shoot, and upload it to the major video sharing platforms to share with you. In addition to seeing more ways and styles to make more physical underwear, you can also understand more matchingMethod and wearing experience.

In short, self -control even physical sex underwear is a process of creativity and sharing. It enables people to better understand, experience, and show their own personality and beauty.