Recruitment of sexy underwear model delivery

Recruitment of sexy underwear model delivery

Background introduction

As an expert on underwear, our company has been committed to providing customers with high -quality products and services.We believe that choosing the right model is the best way to show our products.

Work responsibility

As a sexy underwear model, you are responsible for showing our company’s products.This includes taking pictures and videos, and you will need to show our sexy underwear in front of the camera.

Recruitment condition

We need to have self -confidence, charming, sexy and professional shot models.You need to have a healthy, perfect figure and beautiful appearance.It also needs a good cooperation attitude, the ability to communicate with customers and flexible working hours.


We provide a generous remuneration for each model.In addition, we also provide professional training to help you further discover your advantages and potential.We are committed to providing a comfortable working environment and a good working experience for each model.

Shooting scene

Our shooting location is tall, the atmosphere is warm and easy, and it can provide you with the best camera and video environment.Our photographer cooperates closely with you to ensure your best performance in photos and videos.

Application Procedures

If you have an intention to apply, send your resumes and photos or videos to our mailbox.We will contact you as soon as possible after receiving your application.

common problem

1. Is there a standard for height and weight? -It no clear standard, but you need to meet the body standards common in the industry.

2. Do I need to have model experience?-It no need, we welcome newcomers to join.

3. Is the time arrangement elastic?-Ie, we can consider your work and curriculum arrangements, but we need to complete the specified task during the contract period.


We are looking forward to a group of beautiful, confident, professional and charming on -field shooting models.If you meet the above conditions and your intention to apply, please fill in the full application form.We look forward to your joining.

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