Pass security underwear

Pass security underwear


With the popularization of sexual culture, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the style and brand of sexy underwear.However, some people are still troubled by the plane on carrying sexy underwear, and they are afraid that they will encounter embarrassment and inconvenience during security checks.Today, this article will introduce the precautions and methods of passing the security underwear for security underwear.

Understand security regulations

It is very important to understand the requirements of security inspection before carrying erotic underwear.Under normal circumstances, sexy underwear does not belong to the type of prohibited products and can bring on the plane.However, pay attention to the following points:

Must be placed in checked luggage.According to the regulations of the airline, sexy underwear must not be placed in checked baggage in the luggage carried by them.

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Do not violate public ethics.Even if sex underwear does not belong to the category of banned products, it is necessary to abide by public moral norms.If there is a situation that affects others, it is still not available.

Pay attention to the differences in domestic and international security checks.The security requirements of different countries and even different airlines may be different, and they must be understood in advance.

Packing skills

How to pack sexy underwear can protect privacy and not embarrassing security checks?The following are a few tips:

Use a dedicated waterproof bag seal packaging.Such bags are usually thick, opaque, and have a certain waterproof performance, which can avoid the embarrassment of the inspectors.

Put sex underwear in a handbag.Although sexy underwear cannot be carried with you, it can be packed in a handbag, which is convenient to put it out of the checked baggage.

Choose a transparent makeup bag.Place a transparent makeup bag in hand luggage, so that security personnel can see the items inside without searching one by one.

Private issues

For people with a sensitive privacy, it may feel very embarrassing to carry a sex underwear for security.However, don’t worry, the following is some ways to protect privacy:


Remind the security inspection personnel not to disclose the name of the items.You can remind the security inspection personnel not to disclose the name of the items before being taken out of the security inspection to avoid causing the attention and embarrassment of others.

Choose a flight period with less security checks.In the time when security checks are not busy, sexy underwear is easier to pass, and at the same time, it will reduce the sense of embarrassment.

Use a special sealing bag to pack.Using waterproof and opaque sealing bags can effectively protect privacy.

Airlines’ suggestions

Although sexy underwear can be carried with each other, the airline still recommends follow some regulations:

Please abide by local public ethics.When using or with interest underwear, please abide by local public ethics to avoid causing embarrassment and violation of laws and regulations.

Check the relevant regulations before carrying.The regulations of different airlines and different countries are not necessarily the same, so it must be checked first to avoid misunderstandings.

Protect your privacy reasonably.When packing and sexy underwear, pay attention to protecting your privacy and avoid embarrassment.

Precautions for international travel

When traveling internationally, you need to pay more attention to the security checkpoint of sexy underwear:

To carry related certification files.If you need to carry a lot of erotic underwear during the trip, it is best to carry related certification files to avoid misunderstanding and trouble.

Avoid violation of local moral norms.Different countries and regions have different cultural backgrounds. In order to avoid embarrassment and unnecessary trouble, it is best not to bring sexy underwear in public.

Pay attention to changes stipulated in international security inspection.The security regulations of different countries may change quickly, especially in some sensitive countries or regions, which must understand and comply with relevant regulations in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common answers to the questions about carrying erotic underwear for security inspection:

Is sex lingerie prohibited products?Answer: Generally, it is not a prohibited product, but it must be observed with public moral norms.

Can sexy underwear be carried with you?Answer: Usually, you cannot carry it with you, and you must be placed in your checked luggage.

How to pack sexy underwear?Answer: It is best to use a special waterproof bag seal packaging and place it in checked baggage.

in conclusion

It is not a difficulty to carry a security underwear to security inspection. As long as you follow relevant regulations and some tips, you can avoid embarrassment and trouble, and to complete your travel happily.