National Model Private Shooting Uncodic Love Lingerie Video

National Model Private Shooting Uncodic Love Lingerie Video

With the development of society, fun underwear, such as sexy underwear, gradually entered people’s vision, and various sexy lingerie styles are endless.Especially in recent years, some national models will choose more seductive sexy underwear when shooting private video.This article will introduce a few common national model privately -free sexy underwear video styles from the aspects of style, style, and material.

Deep V gathered

Deep V gathered sexy underwear is a very sexy style, with a strong sense of design and can effectively highlight the chest curve.Some national models will also choose this style of sexy underwear when shooting private videos, and show their figure curve through the design of deep V.And it is also rich in color. Generally, black and red are the main. The design of the deep V is paired with shorts or skirts, which is very attractive.


Hollow sexy underwear is a style with lace lace, briefs and other details. Hacquin design is used on the front chest, back, and waist and belly, making the entire sexy underwear more breathable and visual effects.And the hollow -out sexy underwear can show women’s more beautiful figure curves, which is loved by the national models.

Ultra -short

Ultra -short sexy underwear is a very challenging style. Not only is the upper body exposed, but the lower body is quite attractive.Some national models choose this style of sexy underwear to shoot private video, which can make them more sexy and hot.And ultra -short sexy underwear does not need to buy the right skeleton like a corset to help support the chest shape. Therefore, it is relatively suitable for slim women, making them more confident and beautiful.


The vest sexy underwear is a relatively basic style, which is basically similar to ordinary corset.However, the details and design are more refined. The details of the back are very complicated, making the wearer more comfortable.And the vest sexy underwear is a relatively conservative one, it will not be too exposed, and it will not make people feel tired. It is suitable for long -term wear and is very practical.

Stockings set

Stockings suits are a kind of sexy underwear suit that is more popular with national models, because it is very suitable for use in private video, with high heels or naked feet to wear more unique.Stockings suits can not only highlight the beauty of women, but also make women’s skin smoother and sexy.

Lace perspective

Lace perspective sexy underwear is a combination of lace and perspective. It has a strong sense of design. Wearing can make people feel unique charm and temptation.There are many details on this sexy underwear, such as lace, split, gauze, etc., which can highlight the sexy, innocence and charming of women.


Diamond sex lingerie is a relatively advanced style. The whole body is covered with rhinestone, sequins and other designs, which is very gorgeous.Diamond sexy underwear has almost no cover. Most women feel quite explicit after wearing, so it is also a more challenging one.

Net sock set

Net socks set is a classic style, because it has both the pureness of the stockings suits and the velocity of the ultra -short sexy underwear.The characteristic of net socks set is one of the relatively conservative sexy lingerie styles, suitable for female friends with low sexy scale.

Elf -style

The elf -style erotic underwear is a character -playing style that allows female friends to turn into a small elves, play role -playing games, and stir up men’s passion.When choosing a small elf -style sexy underwear, you can choose according to the image image of the elf story in the work.


The above are several common models of national models privately shot without code erotic lingerie styles. These underwear can meet people’s various needs in sex, and they are more beautiful when women are wearing, which is enough to attract men’s attention.Although the above -mentioned erotic underwear is used in private shooting uncoded videos, it will cause some controversy, but from another perspective, it can also reflect the national models’ attitude towards their figure and sex.

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