Ladies’ sex lingerie opening process

Ladies’ sex lingerie opening process

1. The original intention of choosing a fun underwear

For modern women who love beauty, sexy underwear is an important equipment to show sexy and enhance self -confidence.Selecting sexy underwear can be a surprise to your partner, or for yourself.When buying underwear, we must not only consider styles and colors, but also pay attention to factors such as materials, sizes, and comfort.

2. Choose a style that suits you

When choosing underwear styles, choose according to your body and needs.If you want to highlight your chest, you can choose the bras with lining, squeezing, and increasing cups. If you want to shape the perfect body, you can choose a tight -fitting bodywear.

3. Pay attention to size issues

Size is an important problem when choosing underwear, because the size of different brands is inconsistent, it is recommended to measure the body ruler before purchasing.When buying the bra, you can choose the appropriate size according to your own cup size and lower bust. When choosing a bodywear, you should choose the correct size according to the waist and hips.

4. Buy suitable materials

There are many materials for sexy underwear, from silk to wool, from chemical fiber to cotton. Each material has its own characteristics.Breath, comfort, and elasticity are factor that needs to be paid attention to when choosing materials.Generally speaking, cotton underwear is breathable, natural fiber texture is soft and comfortable, while chemical fiber material has stronger elasticity and contraction.

5. Open the package and appreciate the appearance of the underwear

When you buy sexy underwear from the Internet or go home from a physical store, when you open the packaging cardboard, you will feel excited and look forward to the appearance of the underwear?Essence

6. Check the details of the underwear

In addition to checking underwear colors, sizes and other basic problems, you also need to pay attention to underwear crafts and details, such as various processes, edges, buttons, etc. are flawless.

7. Trial sexy jacket

When buying underwear, especially sexy underwear, trying on is an essential link.Only if you try it on, you can really feel whether the material, size and comfort of the underwear are appropriate, and whether the color and style are in line with you.

8. Look at your own posture and temperament

In addition to paying attention to the appearance and comfort of the underwear, when trying to wear sex underwear, you must also consider your temperament, body, and dressing style.Choose a style and color that suits you to show your own charm.

9. Free match, more style

The matching and combination of sexy underwear are pursued by many women.Underwear can be matched with various clothing, such as skirts, jeans, and so on.Reasonable matching can make your own style more diverse and personalized.

10. Customized personality, create an exclusive dressing experience

In order to better meet the individual needs of women, many personalized and customized services have been provided in the current sexy underwear market.These customized services can customize exclusive sexy underwear according to the characteristics of personal needs, figure, preferences, etc., making wearing more wonderful and comfortable.


Choosing a sexy underwear is not only a chance to change the style of dressing, but also a stage for showing personal charm.As long as you buy underwear according to your own needs and preferences, try to penetrate the appropriate size material, and make free matching and personalized customization, you can create an exclusive and unforgettable dressing experience.

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