Korean people’s views on sexy underwear

Korean people’s views on sexy underwear

The status of sexy underwear in North Korea

As a socialist country, sexual culture has always been regarded as immorality, reaction and degeneration.Therefore, the status of sexy underwear in North Korea is not high, and it is even considered a thing that damages morality.

Traditional Korean underwear

North Korea’s traditional underwear style is completely different from modern sexy underwear.Traditional North Korean underwear is very rigorous, usually monotonous white or black, with large coverage area.They aim to maintain simplicity and solemnity, reflect kindness and morality.

Official ban on sexy underwear

The Korean government’s attitude towards sexy underwear is also very cautious.North Korea is not only prohibited from selling sexy underwear, but also prohibited from importing.This is because the official believes that sexy underwear is contrary to North Korea’s social style and core values.

Popularity in the private market

Despite the official prohibition of sales and imported sexy underwear, there are constant private markets that allow people to buy various types of sexy underwear.These markets have gradually formed a conspiracy cultural circle. The cultural circle is mainly composed of young people, and they are very interested in sexy underwear.

The popularity of sexy underwear

In the private market and non -official occasions, the popularity of sexy underwear is more popular.Many people buy interest underwear to try, which may be because they think it is a rebellion.Some North Korean couples also have fun underwear, but they only wear them in private places.

Attitude towards sexy underwear

Audio survey shows that most people’s attitude towards sexy underwear is negative and believes that sexy underwear does not meet North Korea’s ethical and cultural standards.They believe that women should be simple and natural, rather than being excessively exposed.

Innovative design

Some sexy underwear design is innovative, but because they are too sexy, they are still banned in North Korea.This innovation makes consumers who keep pace with the times, but this does not mean that the market prospects of sexy underwear are optimistic.

Influencing young people

Young people are a major consumer group in the market. They mainly buy sexy underwear from the private market.This phenomenon may distort the values of teenagers and make North Korea’s cultural style and social values disintegrate.

Democratic direction trend

The younger generation of North Korea has been influenced by globalization and capitalism. They have become more open and tolerant of sexual underwear, such as sexy underwear and the way of enjoying life.Therefore, this may mean that the future sex underwear may get more recognition and acceptance in North Korea.

The importance of resisting cultural impact

Although sexy underwear is attractive for many people, they are immoral for the government and some communities.In the context of preventing cultural shocks, the North Korean government is punishing people, merchants, and markets that try to promote sexy underwear.


Whether in personal preferences or global culture, products such as erotic underwear have indeed brought profound changes to people’s culture and aesthetics.However, in a highly socialized and extremely arranged country like North Korea, embarrassment is embarrassed in any private market that has not been accepted by culture, which is another problem.Therefore, for sexy underwear, we need to weigh the freedom of personal consumption and the balance of morality and culture of society.

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