Interesting underwear made with a chain


Interest underwear is no longer a simple sexy underwear. Now designers have begun to use various materials, including metal chains to make underwear.The fun underwear made with a chain not only allows the body to get more stimulation, but also shows the unique personality of women, becoming part of contemporary women’s fashion.The following will introduce some common chain sexy lingerie and its design style.

Metal chain sexy underwear

The sexy underwear made with a metal chain is suitable for women who pursue unique feelings and want to show confidence in front of their partners.Most of these underwear are sutured by stripes of the metal chain, and they are also equipped with fine chains and locks with adjustable lengths.This kind of sexy underwear is not only visually attractive, but also feels great in physical feelings.

Bead chain sexy underwear

Bead chain sexy underwear is a classic style that women have always loved.It is usually chain by a string of small beads, and the backbone is presented.This sexy underwear can effectively emphasize women’s back lines and spine curves, shape beautiful figure lines, and make women confident.

Leather chain sexy underwear

The design style of leather chain sexy underwear is relatively domineering.A fine chain leather belt is used to surround the body, while decorating sexy elements such as buckle rings and rivets.This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for women who want to show another unique sexy style, and can also increase the irritation in sexual life.

Socks chain sexy underwear

Long socks chain sexy underwear is more special. It usually forms a design similar to tight pants with a strip.The decoration of close -fitting socks and chains makes the underwear more sexy and charming.Suitable for women with sexy and unique temperament, showing their confidence and charm of their bodies.

Chain corset and underwear

Chain corset and underwear are the most common chain sexy underwear.Its design is simple and conservative, only wrapped in the breast and hip by the fine chain.This kind of sexy underwear is suitable for women who don’t want to be too good and want to add a little irritating in sex.Moreover, it is very fashionable whether it is dressed or wearing.

Tips chain sexy underwear

The suspender chain sexy underwear is one of the most suitable sex underwear for the party or nightclub.It usually has a metal chain and a stripe stitching together, and the back of the back is presented.Despite using more fine materials, the design style of this sexy underwear is very fashionable, simple and sexy.

Three -point chain sexy underwear

The three-point chain erotic underwear is a more explicit underwear style, including bra, G-String underwear and thin bars on the waist.This sexy underwear can effectively emphasize the sexy curve of women and show the sexy and charm of women.However, because it is difficult to match, it is suitable for those beautiful women.

Chest chain fun underwear

The breast chain is suitable for women who want to increase the irritation and improve their sexy life in sexual life.It is usually composed of a series of small metal chains, which can be firmly wrapped in the chest and equipped with a fine chain with adjustable length, which has a beautiful design style.

Angle chain and bracelet sexy underwear

The athlete chain and bracelets are not a complete chain underwear, but they are two new members of sex underwear.The bead bracelets we usually wear can also appear in sexy underwear.Moreover, the design of this sexy underwear is unique and suitable for various occasions.

in conclusion

The erotic underwear made by chain has become part of contemporary women’s culture. Various styles and design styles can make women show confidence and beautiful figure lines.Whether you like unique styles, improve self -confidence, increase stimuli, or show your beauty, you can find a style that suits you in the chain erotic underwear.

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