Interesting underwear hanging stockings small story

1. Shell lace ribbon

The small suspender belt is an indispensable part of sexy underwear.Countless trial comparisons have made my favorite is the shell lace hanging strap.

Second, stockings optional suspender

The selection of the suspender is also very important. The color of the suspender is best to be consistent with the stockings so that it will not look too uncoordinated.Like matching clothes, it is important to choose a camisole that is more in line with the overall style.

Third, the dressing method of suspenders

Some camislars can be disassembled. Under different styles of sexy underwear, the suspender can be replaced as needed.More suspenders will make you wear more exciting.

Fourth, customized suspenders are trend trends

Today’s customized suspenders are gradually popular.To make a sexy curve through customized suspenders, let yourself get more self -confidence and charm.Such a choice is more in line with the needs of some people.

Fifth, lace is a common material for suspenders

There are many sling materials, but the common ones should be considered as lace material.The suspender of this material can also reveal a soft feeling at the same time, which is very popular.

6. The suspender can also make a unique style

In addition to conventional suspenders, many customized suspenders also have some unique designs.These camislars can be made according to different needs and ideas to create unique sexy underwear.

7. Pay attention to the size of the suspender

The size of the sling is very important.The appropriate size can make the suspender put on the body very suitable. There will be no discomfort no matter all day, and it can reflect the beautiful curve of women.

8. Tips for suspending cleaning

The suspender is an important accessory in the underwear, which needs to be removed and maintained more carefully.In terms of cleaning, it is recommended to wash the hand, and the water temperature should not be too high, which can ensure the luster and elasticity of the strap.

Nine, the accessories and matching methods of suspenders

The accessories and matching of the suspender also need to be properly corresponding. For example, necklace is a good choice that can form a sense of layering and make people look more complete and delicate.In addition, with high heels, etc., it can improve the effect.

10. The self -confidence brought by the suspender

In general, a suspender is a very important accessory in sexy underwear. Its existence can not only match sexy sexy underwear, but also bring confidence and charm, and let you release it in sex.

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