How to wear a kimono and sexy underwear beautifully

How to wear a kimono and sexy underwear beautifully

When to choose a kimono sexy underwear

Complete and sexy underwear is a very oriental sexy underwear. The design of kimono makes its style more elegant and beautiful, and has a more artistic atmosphere to wear on the body.If you want to wear a unique erotic underwear in a party, dating or celebration, then peaceful and sexy underwear is a very good choice.

Choose the correct style and color

When choosing a kimono and sexy underwear, consider your body and skin color.If you are a slimming type, you will be more beautiful to choose a tight kimono underwear; if you are full of figure, you will choose an A -shaped kimono underwear.In addition, it is also very important to choose a color suitable for your skin color. A kimono -and -sexy underwear suitable for your skin color will make you look more beautiful.

Appropriate underwear matching

When wearing and serving sexy underwear, you can choose a chest -style gathered underwear to make your chest fuller and full.In addition, you can also choose a high -waisted underwear to improve the aesthetics of the hip lines while avoiding fat in the process of dressing.

Pay attention to the details of the kimono underwear

The details of kimono and sexy underwear are very sophisticated. When wearing, pay attention to the treatment methods of the head rope, belt and other parts of the kimono underwear to ensure that the overall effect is better.

Choose the right shoes

Combined with suitable shoes with suitable shoes, it can play a role in icing on the cake.You can choose a traditional kimono -style shoes, such as grass to the grass, or you can choose a high -heeled shoes to highlight your body curve, but pay attention to the color of the shoe and the combination of kimono sexy underwear.

How to increase the artistic atmosphere of kimono and sexy underwear

The kimono and sex lingerie itself has a strong artistic atmosphere. When wearing, you can choose a suitable hairstyle and makeup to further improve the overall effect.For example, you can choose a classic bun, embellish the flower ring on the forehead, or choose a sexy -based makeup.

Pay attention to the combination of body shape and kimono sexy underwear

For those with inaccurate figures, the dressing of and playing with awe -inspiring underwear is particularly important.For example, a person with a short figure can choose a short kimono underwear, which can make the figure look taller. On the contrary, people with tall figures can choose a medium -length -style kimono underwear to highlight the beautiful curve of the figure.

Selection of accessories

Combined with the suitable accessories with the kimono and sexy underwear can play a finishing touch.For example, you can choose a kimono -style earrings, necklaces, etc., or a flower hair accessory, which can be easier to show the artistic beauty of kimono.

How to wear more confident

The key to wearing and serving sexy underwear is to be more confident.In wearing, you can choose a kimono underwear suitable for your body and style, so that you can make you more confident and charming at night.

The best occasion of kimono sex lingerie

Commoning and sexy underwear is a sexy underwear that is very suitable for dating, parties, etc., which not only makes you more confident, but also stand out in the field and win more attention for yourself.Wearing a kimono and sexy underwear at home can add a fun to life and bring a different experience to daily life.

When wearing a kimono and sexy underwear, you need to pay attention to the processing of the details, the matching of accessories, and the care of the skin, so that you can really wear the kimono and sexy underwear more beautiful and touching.

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