How to call out sex underwear is nice

How to call out sex underwear is nice


With the advancement of the times and people’s open mentality, sexy underwear has gradually become popular.However, for some people, it is difficult to describe sexy underwear in verbal expression.So, how does sex lingerie come out?The following will introduce you one by one.

1. Sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a underwear that makes women more attractive and attractive. It can highlight the body’s body advantages and beautiful curves.This statement will not appear too explicit, but also expresses the obvious demand for underwear.

2. Mading underwear

Mading underwear is a kind of underwear suitable for couples, which can become enthusiastic about the whole atmosphere when flirting and intimate.This kind of sex lingerie is suitable for couples or couples who want to increase emotional exchanges and emotion.

3. Adult underwear

Adult underwear can be said to be a collective name for sex underwear, because it contains a variety of sexy and irritating underwear.Adult underwear is a kind of civilization in everyone’s mouth, so it is more decent when used in formal occasions, and there can be a little embarrassment in the expression.

4. European and American underwear

European and American underwear is a sexy underwear from foreign countries. It is loved by the majority of people with diverse styles and high quality.In verbal expression, this use is even better and more cultural, which can be described as the most beautiful expression.

5. Lian body coat

Conjusational underwear is a highly selective underwear, which is loved by many women with its well -covered style.This sexy underwear can be more decent, reflecting its mystery and temperament.

6. Fall

Interest bras are unique underwear for women. It allows breast lines and chest shapes to be visually more attractive and attractive.This expression is rigorous and decent, and it will not make people feel embarrassed at all.

7. Role playing underwear

Role -playing underwear is a underwear that reflects different characters and different identities through clothing. It is a very interesting choice.In terms of speech expression, this underwear can express its matching and understanding of role -playing.

8. bed accessories

The bed accessories are used to increase the taste of the bed, which can make people feel a different stimulus and freshness during sex.When used in formal occasions, it can be called sexy accessories.


In short, when choosing a sexy underwear, different styles of underwear have their own exclusive advantages and applicable occasions.Choose the right underwear in daily life and business activities, and describe it in subtle and decent language to make us more decent.

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