Hotel sex lingerie video

Hotel sex lingerie video


The hotel industry competition is extremely fierce. In order to attract more guests, hotels often provide some special services.Among them, sexy lingerie has become one of the popular service items in recent years.Some hotels also provide sexy lingerie videos to allow guests to learn more about the service.

What is sexy underwear service

Sexy underwear service refers to a special service provided by the hotel for guests.As the name suggests, the hotel provides a variety of sexy underwear and allows guests to choose their favorite styles to increase sexual interest.At the same time, waiters will also provide some flirting skills and suggestions to increase the effect of sexy underwear.

Types of sexy underwear services

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There are many types of sexy underwear services, and the following are the following:

Basic sex lingerie service.The waiter provides guests with some basic sexy lingerie, such as lace BRA, stockings, etc., helping guests to enhance sexy.

Theme sex lingerie service.The waiter provides guests with a specific theme sexy underwear, such as student girls, nurses, stewardess, etc., so that guests can also enjoy the fun of role -playing while experiencing sexy underwear.

Advanced sexy lingerie service.The waiter provides guests with some high -end styles and material sexy underwear, such as silk, leather, etc., to help guests experience more high -level sex.

How to perform sexy underwear services

When making sexy underwear, the waiter will provide some flirting suggestions, such as how to wear underwear and how to match clothing.At the same time, in order to protect the privacy of the guests, the waiter will wait for the guests to change the underwear at the door or outdoors.

Precautions for sexy underwear services

When making sexy underwear, the waiter needs to pay attention to the following items:

Respect the wishes of guests.Don’t force guests to put on underwear they don’t like.

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Protect the privacy of guests.Don’t enter the locker room or room without authorization.

Pay attention to hygiene.Underwear should be cleaned and disinfected after each use.

The advantage of sexy lingerie service

For the hotel, sexy lingerie service has the following advantages:

Increase the added value of the guest room.Providing sexy underwear services can make guests feel more intimate services and increase the added value of guest room orders.

Create topics.Sexy underwear services are a special service that can create topics in social media and increase hotel exposure.

Improve customer loyalty.For customers who like to live in fun, providing sexy underwear can increase customer viscosity and increase customer loyalty.

The meaning of sexy lingerie video

Interesting lingerie video refers to a special service provided by the hotel for guests, showing sexy underwear and its use effects in the video.Provide sexy underwear videos, allowing guests to understand the service in advance and increase the willingness of the guest’s booking.

The production element of sexy lingerie video

When making sexy lingerie videos, you need to pay attention to the following elements:

Choose the right model.Models need to have certain performance skills and figure conditions in order to show the effect of sexy underwear.

Select the right clothing and scenes.Clothing and scenes should be consistent with the characteristics of sexy underwear to enhance the viewing effect.

Provide a detailed explanation.Detailed information such as the style, material, and matching suggestions of sexy underwear needs to be provided in the video to help guests better understand the service.

Promotion of sexy lingerie video

After making a good video video, it is necessary to promote it.Here are some promotion methods:

Published on the hotel’s official website.Put the video on the homepage or related page of the hotel’s official website, let the guests see it.

Published on social media.Share video on social media such as WeChat and Weibo to increase exposure.

Published on the OTA platform.Post the video to the OTA platform so that more guests can see.

in conclusion

Interests of underwear have become a special service provided by more and more hotels.Providing sexy underwear video allows guests to better understand the service and increase the guest’s willingness to book.In video production and promotion, you need to pay attention to details to produce better results.