Funeral Underwear Square

Funeral Underwear Square

The origin of sexy underwear

Interest underwear is a sexy and teasing underwear, which can be traced back to the ancient Greek period.At that time, women would wear various silk, jewelry, flower rings and other accessories on their bodies, so that their bodies showed beautiful lines to attract the pursuit.

Types of sex underwear

There are many types of modern sexy underwear, which can be divided into two categories: men’s sex lingerie and women’s sex lingerie.Women’s erotic underwear includes various styles of lace bra, perspective, suspenders, net socks, high heels, etc.Men’s sexy underwear includes various varieties of briefs, leggings, role -playing clothes, etc.

Suitable for sexy underwear on different occasions

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Whether it is sexy parties, sexual time, dating, and dinner, there are different types of sexy underwear in different occasions.For example, perspective and bras are a sexual time series; sexy tube top skirts are suitable for dating and dinner.

Size and color of sex underwear

The most critical problem when buying sex underwear is to choose the right size and color.If the size is too large, the body will make the figure look not perfect, and the color is suitable for the skin color. If the light skin color, you can choose white or light pink, and the dark skin can choose black or dark red.

How to wear sexy underwear

Wearing sexy underwear requires certain skills.Generally speaking, you need to prepare mirrors, cosmetics, hairdressing utensils, etc. in a place where you want to wear sexy underwear, so that you are happy and confident.Also need to pay attention to the manner such as poses, keep smiling and other manners.

Falling underwear maintenance

Sex underwear needs to be hygienic and clean, and cannot be worn at will.Especially after buying a new sexy underwear, you need to clean and dry it in the ventilation place to avoid damage to the skin for residual chemicals.

Surprising sexy underwear for your partner

If you want to surprise your partner, choosing a sexy sexy underwear is a good choice.You can choose the right style and color according to the taste and preference of the partner, and stimulate your partner through visually impact.


Sexy underwear is not suitable for people

Because the wearing of sexy underwear requires certain confidence and temperament, some inferiority or introverts are not suitable for trying to wear.At the same time, pregnant women, breast hyperplasia, mastitis and other people need to avoid wearing sexy underwear to avoid additional pressure on the body.

The impact of sexy underwear on sex life

Interest underwear is not only a kind of dress, but also a psychological and emotional stimulation and adjustment. It can increase the interaction and emotional connection between husband and wife, thereby promoting the coordination and joy of sexual life.


In summary, fun underwear, as a special underwear category, has been popularized and loved by the public in modern times.Wearing sexy underwear is suitable for occasions, sizes and colors, and it is not suitable for introverts.Wearing sexy underwear can increase the emotions between husband and wife, and promote the harmony and joy of sexual life.