Fun underwear series number Daquan

Fun underwear series number Daquan

Fun underwear series number Daquan

1. Sexy sexy underwear

Sexy sexy underwear is the most common. Most of its design inspiration comes from the lines of female limbs, which are used to emphasize the sexy charm of women.It mainly includes a half -cup sexy long skirt, sexy vest, back skirt, sexy pajamas, and so on.

2. Open sexy underwear

Open sexy underwear is different from traditional underwear. Most of its design uses an open method, making key parts such as chest, hips and legs more prominent and increased sexy.Development sexy underwear includes open crotch underwear, brach, and open sleeping skirt.

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3. lace sexy underwear

Lace erotic underwear is different from traditional underwear. Most of its design uses lace fabrics, which are soft and breathable, and they are more soft and comfortable to wear.Lace erotic underwear includes lace jealous pantyhose, lace trousers, lace camisole and so on.

4. Lace transparent sexy underwear

The design of lace transparent sexy underwear is more bold, combining lace and transparent fabrics. The chest, waist, and even hips are designed to be quite explicit. It is used to emphasize the charm of women’s temptation and leave a deep impression.Lace transparent sexy underwear is common bras, chest stickers, T -shaped pants, etc.

5. SM sex underwear

SM sex underwear is mainly designed for sex games, wearing the restraint similar to leather vests and closely wrapped. These fun brings strong sex stimulation and challenge psychology.SM sexy underwear is common with restraint suits, handcuffs, etc.

6. Stockings sexy underwear

Stockings erotic underwear is a common choice for women with sexy skirts, usually consisting of stockings and sexy underwear.This sexy underwear gives people a deep sense of temptation, which is very sexy.Common stockings and sexy underwear include stockings suits, stockings high heels, stockings and corset suits.

7. Toys sexy sheet

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Toys sex lingerie is a new experience that combines traditional sexy underwear and sex toys.This kind of sexy underwear is usually matched with love props such as Betty vibration sticks, and Opuyu and other sexy toys.Toys sexy underwear includes shaking underwear, wearable sexy toys.

8. Infucker sexy underwear

The series of uniforms of sexy underwear is based on a variety of special professional uniforms as the main design elements, using a variety of materials, such as sexy maid clothes, charming stewardess clothes, sexy police officers, Chinese cheongsam, etc.The design of uniform sex underwear is mainly to satisfy people’s alternative imagination in sex games, so that sexual pleasure is improved.

9. Pajamas sexy underwear

Paef -type sexy underwear is mainly drooping. It uses comfortable fabrics and design to make women feel more comfortable and sexy. This kind of erotic underwear is often worn as daily wear, which brings relaxation and beauty to women with high work pressure.Common pajamas erotic underwear include robes, black silk skirts, and conjoined pajamas.

10. No trace sexy underwear

Warong -free sexy underwear is one of the more popular sexy underwear. The design uses gradient fabrics, without marks and high elasticity, no steel ring breathability and other characteristics.The breathability and comfort of the non -trace of sexy lingerie are better than the traditional sexy lingerie, which can reduce the marks, not stuck meat, not slipping, without deformation.Common traces of sexy underwear are sexy without trace underwear, braceless bra and so on.


As a future trend in modern sex culture, sexy underwear is constantly moving towards diversification and personalization. Therefore, in addition to the above -mentioned sexy underwear, all kinds of wonderful sexy underwear is still emerging. People’s sexual concepts andFundamental changes are in aesthetics, and sexy underwear may be more gameplay and exciting springboard.