Famous creative sexy underwear

Famous creative sexy underwear


As a necessity for people to entertain themselves in sex and increase interest in sex, there are various sexy underwear in the market. There are many types of dazzling and difficult to choose.This article will introduce you to several famous creative sexy underwear to help you make better decisions when buying.

Taste and Emotion

Taste and emotional fun underwear is a special erotic underwear that uses food and beverages as decorative elements that make the wearer look more sexy and seductive.The most famous of these is chocolate sexy underwear and strawberry sexy underwear.Its unique shape and flavor make the taste emotional affair with one of the most popular underwear in the market.

LED sexy underwear

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LED sexy underwear is a charged LED bulb as the main decorative element, which makes the entire underwear surface produce a shiny and shiny effect, creating a strange visual effect.The wearer can change the light color and flash mode by remote control, thereby creating attractive and amazing effects.

Wings sexy underwear

Wings and erotic underwear uses vests with wings, and the corresponding colorful pearls, so that the wearer can show strange shapes such as elves and angels, increasing the overall mystery.In addition, the vests of wings and sexy underwear also use elements such as tassels and grids to create a variety of effects.

Flower erotic underwear

Flower erotic underwear is a special sexy underwear with the theme of flowers. It combines the shape, color and texture of real flowers into the design and production of underwear to create a beautiful and sexy coexisting effect.Due to the diversity and richness of flowers, flowers and sexy underwear can also create a variety of shapes and styles.

Leather sex underwear

Leather sex underwear is a sexy product made of leather or imitation leather materials. Its tough, textured surface, and hot and teasing shapes have become a sexy dress that many people love.Whether it is the performance stage, sex occasions, or flirting games, leather sex lingerie can bring a unique style and feeling.

Tube top sexy underwear

The tube top sex lingerie is a design that mainly thinks of the silhouette, the waist unit and the belt, which enables the wearer to get a healthier and comfortable dressing feeling, and at the same time shows the beauty and sexy and charming characteristics of decorative decoration.The tube top sexy underwear often includes a swimwear tube top, gymnastic trunk, cheongsam models, wedding dresses, etc., creating a variety of erotic shapes.


Kimono sex underwear

Combine the combination of the elements of traditional Japanese clothing and sexy underwear to create a very special type of underwear.Its design is beautiful, and the theme can be pushed to the romantic or sexy of the wind, and in conjunction with the a variety of kimonos of the same period, so that people can feel the small fresh atmosphere and mood in the tradition.

Perfect sex erotic lingerie

The sexy underwear that is the most effective in sexy underwear is the most effective underwear that is the most effectively fitted with the skin and jumps out of the skin. It can show the excellent proportion of the ultimate, unique beauty and various cleavage and hip grooves.It mainly uses transparent, thin, and highly elastic materials, and the softness of the instrument.Perfect sexual emotional interesting underwear can be divided into top styles and lower clothes styles. The overall color is black, white, and skin tone.It is better to find a good sexy underwear.


Micro -penetrating lingerie is a underwear made of transparent materials such as linen, cotton, silk, and fish nets.Because slightly thoroughly makes people see some parts inside, rendering some imagination space, and the visual impact is greatly impact.Micro -penetrating lingerie is often simple and sophisticated. Its charming and strange effect allows you to transform the goddess in seconds.

Tulle sexy underwear

The tulle sexy underwear is a kind of light gauze, or a thin feeling in the wear effect. It shows more beauty through the less cover part.Its main feature is light and elegant, which can create a dreamy and attractive effect. The color is mostly white, pale pink, etc., and it looks particularly warm and soft.With the spoil and sexy underwear, you can also easily enjoy the sexual erotic fun.


The creative sexy underwear series introduced above all have their own characteristics and charm. Choosing the right underwear that is suitable for your own can not only increase the taste of life, but also enhance the sex experience.When buying underwear, consider the size, texture, comfort, use scene and other details in order to better choose a sexy underwear that suits you.