Family sex lingerie novels

Family sex lingerie novels

Family atmosphere

Simon is a housewife. His husband is working and working at home.Simon always takes out the time to take care of the family, cook, organize housework, and take care of her husband for children.These tasks have put a lot of pressure on him, and he feels very tired.His marriage was also affected.

Discover erotic underwear

Simon decided to buy some sexy underwear to relieve his pressure.In the shopping mall, he saw a popular sexy underwear brand.He walked in and began to explore various styles, colors, and textures, and his enthusiasm for them began to rush into his heart.

Buy the first sexy underwear

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Simon’s first sexy underwear is a chest -wrapped underwear, designed by black lace and sequins.He felt very confident and sexy when he put on underwear, which made him feel that his life was glory again.He quickly bought the second sexy underwear and felt the importance again.

The relationship between husband and wife changes

Simon’s husband noticed that his wife became more confident and vibrant, but he didn’t know the reason.When he found his wife wearing a sexy sexy underwear, the relationship between them began to change.They started to love more frequently and enhance the feelings between husband and wife.

Family response

Simon’s children also began to notice the different behaviors and charm of the mother.Although they are young, in their eyes, the mother really becomes more confident and happy.They asked him about her new costumes, but Simon did not reveal her secret to the children.

Buy sex underwear to solve personal problems

In fact, it is not just Simon.Many people buy sexy underwear because this clothes help solve their personal problems.Interest underwear can not only improve self -confidence, but also irritate sexual desire.This allows long -term accumulated personal pressure to be released.

The effect of sexy underwear on mental health

Most women have a sense of inferiority, especially physical problems.Wearing sexy sexy underwear allows them to see a striking image in front of the mirror, thereby increasing self -confidence.This has great benefits to mental health.

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A new way of life

Through buying sexy underwear, people are not just looking for some fashionable clothing.This means that they are exploring a new way of lifestyle, that is, let themselves be relieved from stress and anxiety, and have a more relaxed, confident and happy lifestyle.


The value of sexy underwear is not only reflected in texture, materials and design.They should provide people with a way to relieve pressure and enhance self -confidence.This has a very important impact on people’s lives and relationships.Although people have different views on sexy underwear, it is worth mentioning that these clothing has become a tool for many people to pursue happiness and solve problems.

Create a perfect mentality

To some extent, sexy underwear is not a piece of item, but a tool for solving problems.It can help people create a perfect mentality and make them more confident and happy.Just as Simon’s personal experience, these clothes made her defeat various problems in individuals and families.