Face -not -face sexy underwear shooting picture Daquan

Background introduction

Interest underwear is a special underwear, mainly to enhance sexy and attract the attention of the opposite sex. Women who pursue quality of life and encounter will choose sexy underwear.Different types of erotic underwear are suitable for different occasions, and now many women like to take or share photos of their sexy underwear, but many people don’t want to show their faces. What should I do?This article will recommend some pictures of unshakable sexy underwear to take pictures, allowing you to enjoy the fun of shooting erotic underwear without leaking privacy.

Sexy vest

Sexy vests are more conservative sexy underwear, similar to ordinary vests, but more sexy.When shooting, you can hide in the background, mainly for fuzzy treatment, with moderate angle and exposing focus.

Perspective pajamas

Perspective pajamas are a delicate and perspective sexy underwear. Although not all women like this style, it is still very popular in the market.Women can wear this perspective pajamas to shoot, and the perspective effect can increase a mystery.

Lace invisible underwear

Lace invisible underwear is a light and transparent underwear with lace lace effects, and has a sexy special feeling.When shooting, it is recommended to find a gray background to highlight the texture and beauty of lace lace.

Three -point underwear

Three -point underwear is usually composed of three small components. It is usually a small piece of satin or lace, which can show the body of sexy women.When shooting, you can choose the posture of hip -lifting to highlight your curve beauty and highlight your femininity.

Bikini sexy underwear

Bikini sexy underwear is a sexy underwear. It is like wearing a bikini. With a high -definition background, your skin will make your skin better and show a healthy and beautiful body shape.Bikini erotic underwear is suitable for swimming pools, beaches, swimming pools and other scenes, making you more attractive.

Sports sexy underwear

Sports erotic underwear is a model that combines health and intimacy.The fabrics of this type of underwear are relatively thin and breathable, and you can feel the outline of the muscles.When shooting, you can choose to jog or play badminton, etc., highlighting the quality of sports and sexy.

Deep V coach

Deep V coach is a corset with a deep neckline in the front, which can show the sexy charm of women.When shooting, you can use some silk transparent materials to match a certain light effect to better present the chest shape and form an attractive visual effect.

Abdominal underwear

Abdominal underwear is a sexy underwear with abdominal effect, which can show the body curve of women while reducing the protruding of the belly.You can choose the abdomen when shooting, highlight the abdominal lines, and show your sexy taste.

Toys beauty underwear

Toys beauty underwear is a very decorative and interesting sexy underwear. Such underwear comes with a variety of cute toys or decorations, showing the feeling of toys beautiful girls.When shooting, you can choose to cooperate with some toys or decorations to enhance the cuteness and dynamic.

Point of view

Sexy underwear is a special underwear that shows women’s charm and sexy. When shooting, we must try to play the sexy charm of sexy underwear as much as possible while protecting our privacy. It is recommended to use a half -covered method of the face to highlight the beauty and ingenuity of the underwear and ingenuityEssenceIn addition, women should also pay attention to how to save and clean underwear correctly, such as ensuring sanitation problems and protecting the quality of underwear.

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