Express love underwear for boyfriend

Express love underwear for boyfriend

How to choose sexy underwear for her boyfriend is a problem that girls often encounter when preparing surprises.If you want to try a challenge with creative gifts instead of just buying traditional gifts, then express sexy underwear may be a good choice.But how to selective sexy underwear for boyfriend?Here are some useful prompts and suggestions.

Understand size, body type and preference

First, determine your boyfriend’s size, body type and dress preference.This will help you choose the appropriate size and the style suitable for him.You can observe his daily dress, or get some clues from his wardrobe to determine his body type and preferences.Consider what color, texture and style he likes, and use this information for the choice of express sex underwear.

Choose a style suitable for the occasion

When choosing a sexy underwear, you also need to consider that your boyfriend may take these underwear to participate in a certain occasion.Some styles are suitable for private occasions, and some are more suitable for public places.You can consider some bright colors or patterns to enhance practicality, but generally avoid excessively eye -catching styles, thereby maintaining a suitable degree.

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Distinguish sexy and sexy underwear types

Sometimes boys have no concepts of different types of underwear, so you need to explain the differences for him.When choosing sexy underwear, it is important to understand the minor differences between sexy underwear and sexy lingerie.Sexy underwear is usually simple, soft, and beautiful design. Sexual feelings are more processed from tailoring, style and accessories.

Don’t just choose your favorite style

Don’t just consider your own preferences or styles to choose underwear!Different people have different tastes and preferences.Therefore, you should ensure that you choose the underwear that suits him.If your boyfriend has some preferences in underwear, please try to consider his opinions as much as possible, and do not make unilateral decisions.

Choose underwear suitable for his style and character

When considering the choice of sexy underwear, you can imagine his feeling after wearing it to see if he can reflect his personality and style.If your boyfriend is a more conservative or introverted person, you need to choose underwear suitable for his style and character, so that he feels more comfortable and comfortable.

Try to avoid some common errors

When buying sexy underwear, you also need to avoid some common errors, such as buying error sizes, choosing uncomfortable styles, etc.To ensure that the quality and design of the courier sex underwear meet your expectations, and pay attention to possible hidden costs, warranty and return policies.

Leave him a surprise detail


You can also "take a little effort" on the packaging of the courier sex underwear, add some small details to your gifts, such as a postcard with a personalized blessing.These will make your gifts more special significance and value.

The important point is to believe in your own intuition

Finally, believe in your own intuition.If you feel that you choose a perfect sexy underwear, then you must firmly your own ideas and confidently give him his boyfriend.People like to receive unexpected gifts, so please believe in your choice, experience innovation and magical surprise.

The above are some techniques and suggestions for your boyfriend to choose express lingerie.All of them need you to comprehensively consider according to your own and his specific situation, and find the most suitable and reasonable solution.Remember to use your mind and love to choose courier sex underwear. Good gifts will make your feelings more stable and sweet!