European and American stars sexy underwear photo

European and American stars sexy underwear photo


European and American stars lead the fashion trend, as well as in sexy underwear.These sexy and tasteful celebrities wear sexy underwear out of their own characteristics and style.Today we will enjoy the style of European and American stars in sexy underwear.

Sisters of Kardashian

Sisters of Kardashian have always liked to show off their bodies, and their appearance of sexy underwear is also very bold and sexy.The Sisters of Kardashian often wore lace and satin’s sexy underwear to participate in activities. The slender and charming curve made them a sexy goddess.

Beiyu’s sexy blockbuster

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Bei Ye has always been a fashion model for many women. She is also unique in sexy underwear. She often wears sexy sexy underwear to shoot blockbusters, showing her graceful figure.

Gisel Bangchen’s good figure

Giselle Bangchen is a supermodel with a perfect figure, as well as her sexy underwear.She often wears jeans and sexy underwear outdoors, showing her health and sunshine.

Rihanna’s personality style

Rihanna is a very individual star, and she is equally noticeable in sex underwear.She often wore clothes to show sexy underwear, combining comfort and sexy.

Kelly Jenna’s pink temptation

Kelly Jenna is a young fashion idol. Her style of sexy underwear is very cute.She often wears pink erotic underwear photos, which is very attractive and is the role model of many girls.

Miranda Kerr’s Angel’s Wing

Miranda Kerr is a member of the Secret Angel, and she is also amazing in sexy underwear.She often danced on the stage with a sexy lingerie with angel wings, showing people the beauty of angels and the beauty of the body.


Katie Perry’s sexy charm

Katie Perry is a queen in the rotating music industry. Her appearance in sexy underwear is also unique in style.She often wore a tough sexy underwear and high -heeled shoes to participate in the event, showing her sexy and charm.

Angelina Julie’s retro style

Angelina Jolie has always been the representative of elegant women, as well as her sexy underwear.She often wears photos with colorful erotic lingerie and red lipstick to show her unique retro style.

Emma Watson’s mysterious beauty

Emma Watson is a mysterious and charm actress, as well as her sexy underwear.She often wore a sexy underwear with black lace and appeared at the shooting scene, showing her sexy and mysterious.

in conclusion

European and American stars show the sexy and aesthetics of sexy underwear with their own unique style and taste, and constantly broaden people’s understanding and understanding of sexy underwear.Different stars show different sexy and attractive charm, and also make people realize the diversification and personalization of sexy underwear.