2007 sex lingerie show Zhongshan

2007 sex lingerie show Zhongshan

2007 sex lingerie show Zhongshan


In May 2007, a large shopping mall in Zhongshan held a grand erotic underwear show, which attracted a large number of audiences to come and watch.This article will bring you the details and highlights of this sexy lingerie show.

Background introduction:

The sex underwear show is hosted by the well -known local erotic supplies brand, including sexy, sexy+, and fun three sexy underwear series.The organizer strives to bring consumers a more thoughtful and individual underwear wearing experience.

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Sexy series:

The sexy series of sexy underwear is based on sexy and bold design concepts. It often uses lace, mesh and other materials, with ultra -short and super small pantyhose, showing female charm.The entire series is mainly black and red, sexy and bold in color.


Sexy+series of sexy underwear blends sexy and comfortable design concepts, and the material pays more attention to skin care and permeability.The details are decorated with carved flowers, pearls, etc., giving a gentle and elegant feeling.On this show, blue and purple are the representative colors of the series.

Fun series:

Fun series of sexy underwear is more focused on creativity and fun.Adding elements such as animals, plants, etc. in design, the entire series is ingenious, bringing the best choice to interesting consumers.

Clothing match:

The sexy underwear show also focused on showing the matching skills of sexy underwear.Gentle -sexy underwear, lace jacket and black mini skirt, giving a sexy elegance.The fun series of underwear can be matched with a cartoon skirt to create a small fresh feeling.

Highlight of the show:

Plus Tops

This sex underwear show also uses a variety of creative designs, showing many highlights in the catwalk session.The model wore a sexy underwear with an anthropomorphic bears, creating a cute and warm atmosphere.At the same time, there are several large pools on the stage for water shows, bringing a certain sense of stimulation to the audience.

Audience response:

As a novel and special event, the sexy underwear show attracted a large number of audiences to watch.Many audiences said that such activities are very fun and irritating, which makes the audience can’t help but be motivated.

Brand Promotion:

In addition to showing the beauty and design of sexy underwear, this sex underwear show also acts as the role of brand promotion.Through this event, the brand shows the diversity and personalization of sexy underwear to the public, helping the brand to a broader market.

Industrial impact:

More and more sexual products brands have begun to host sex underwear shows to promote the brand and show the design and beauty of sexy underwear.This not only promotes the sales of sexy underwear to a certain extent, but also promotes the development of the entire industry and brings greater market space.


The sexy underwear show is not only a fashion feast, but also an opportunity to experience sex underwear culture.Over time, we believe that this special industry will be more and more recognized, bringing more surprises and excitement to the fashion world.