Wonderland sexy underwear


Falling underwear seems to be synonymous with sexy. I really walked into a surprising sexy underwear shop that day, but found that the sexy underwear here is not only sexy, but also the ultimate artistic beauty.Go, this is Wonderland sex lingerie.

Model classification

Wonderland sex underwear mainly has four major series: classic, European, sexy and fashionable series.The design ideas of the classic series are to create the most elegant and traditional sexy underwear; the European style is to render the conservative sexy outline and render the gorgeous European elements; the sexy series focuses on highlighting the curve and sexy of the body, and determines that women will turn into women into it.Sexy goddess; the fashion series is to pay attention to fashion elements, pay attention to "fashion", and is none.


In the classic series, there are exquisite lace lace and elegant embroidery filling. The details of the back detail design are extremely clever; the European series design is more complicated and exquisite, cut and not exposed, full of charm; sexy series is passionateThe pattern of the woman shows the curve beauty and charm of women’s bodies in all aspects; the fashion series is a combination of fashion elements and some practical designs, neither "fashion" nor "functionality".

Fabric selection

The quality of Wonderland sex underwear is top.These erotic underwear fabrics are world -class brands. At the same time, mix and match the most distinctive fabrics and fashion fabrics at the same time.Essence


Wonderland sex underwear is very particular about the details and design. It pays attention to the beauty of each body of women. It is perfectly displayed through various design elements, such as the details such as bonding, embroidery, flowering, sorghum, etc.Love and delicate, so that every woman has a kind of tenderness.


Wearing a sexy underwear is not only a monotonous pajamas, it has already subverted the traditional sexy underwear.Each one is very special art and ergonomic engineering, so that you will become a artwork even at home!It can not only show the gracefulness of women’s figure, but also secretly reveal the sexy and charm of women’s many aspects, making each woman a self -innovation and maverick self.


Wonderland sex underwear is very good in the weight and comfort of underwear.When standing, the gap between the underwear and the body is just right, and it is perfectly supported and supported by the chest, so that the wearer no longer feels uncomfortable and tightened.At the same time, underwear is not prone to sagging or tightening, which brings an unprecedented comfort to the wearer.

Style knowledge

The style of Wonderland sex lingerie is very diverse.The most basic pants are flat, triangular crotch, high waist, etc., while the tops include a variety of different versions and designs, such as the triangle cups, round cups, lining cups, and short sleeves, shoulder straps, wipes, wipes, wipeBust and other styles.Each style is suitable for different figures, and all styles emphasize female charm, and let women freely use their sexy and charm in each aspect.

Comfort analysis

The fabrics used in Wonderland sex underwear are extremely light, which can perfectly fit the body, bringing ultimate comfort and softness to the wearer.At the same time, underwear uses various innovative design to solve the problem of wearing comfort.For example, many erotic lingerie uses soft steel covers to fix the cup, making the underwear more free to wear.


Maintenance of sexy underwear is also very important.First, wash according to the instructions on the underwear.Depending on the fabrics and styles, different washing fluids need to be used.Secondly, do not use dryers or exposure to dry underwear.Natural air drying should be used to ensure their performance.

in conclusion

In short, Wonderland sex lingerie is a perfect sexy underwear.Its high -quality fabrics and details are perfectly conveyed by the curves and charm of each woman.Wonderland erotic underwear is an extremely important part of women’s dress. It not only allows women to have confidence and charm, but also an artistic appreciation.

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