Will sexy underwear infect the disease?


Interest underwear is an attractive clothing. They are often considered a symbol of sexy, and they are increasingly loved by people.However, while enjoying sexy, many people are also worried that sex underwear will spread diseases, which is a very important issue.

Types of sex underwear

There are many types of erotic underwear, from traditional underwear, bra to grid jackets, to lace bras and leather restraint.These clothing is really sexy, and for those who want to improve stimuli and pleasure in sex, they are also ideal choices.

Whether sexy underwear will infect bacteria

Many people think that because sexy underwear is frequently used in sexual life, they may be the medium that spreads bacteria.In fact, sexy underwear does not spread the main ways to spread bacteria, fungi or any disease.This is because sexually transmitted diseases will not survive the surface of the clothing.

How to ensure the hygiene of sexy underwear

Although sexy underwear does not spread the disease, measures should still be taken to ensure its hygiene.After each use of fun underwear, it should be cleaned in time. It is best to rinse it with water and disinfect the disinfection agent.At the same time, try to clean the erotic underwear from other clothes to avoid pollution.

Repeatable or one -time use

Most erotic underwear can be reused, which means that they can be washed and stored after multiple use.Of course, some sexy underwear is disposable, but this is usually due to their special materials or some restrictions in design.Pay attention to hygiene using reusable or disposable sexy underwear.

Whether sexy underwear needs to be shared with your partner

Many couples will buy sexy underwear together, and some couples may want to share the same underwear.However, these practices are unhygienic, and it is recommended not to share sex underwear with partners.Buying a few more may be a better choice, so that you and your partner can enjoy the fun of sexy underwear in sex.

What kind of crowd

Fun underwear is suitable for adults and couples or couples who have established long -term stable relationships.For those who do not follow healthy, safe and hygienic regulations, sexy underwear can become a medium to exchange pathogens.

Interest underwear is not a must -have

Although sexy underwear is sexy, it is not a must.For those who worry that they may bring unnecessary hygiene problems or do not like them, they can choose other ways to improve their posture and enhance sexual experience.

in conclusion

All in all, sexy underwear is not directly related to infectious diseases.Of course, for health, please follow health and safety regulations.It is normal to enjoy sex and try new things, but be sure to take responsibility and maintain health.

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