Will girls buy sexy lingerie after marriage?


Whether girls will buy sexy underwear after marriage are a more sensitive topic. In the domestic market, sexy lingerie has been in the domestic market, but it is questionable whether some women are willing to buy.This article will explore some factors, including the degree of understanding of sexy underwear, personal character and the attitude of women in marriage.

status quo

In China, the markets of fun underwear in many cities are still in its infancy.Some people have insufficient awareness of sexy underwear. They believe that sex underwear is only suitable for some communication places, parties or nightclubs.But in fact, sexy underwear can also play well in marriage life and increase the fun of sex.

Degree of cognition

For the understanding of sexy underwear, some people may stay at the underwear just at the level of the basic item.However, with the improvement of the economic level and cultural literacy, the functions and types of sexy underwear are also increasing. It is no longer just a basic underwear, but a reflection of sexual culture, fashion and lifestyle.


Personality also has an impact on the willingness to buy sex underwear.Women who are open -minded and dare to try new things will be easier to accept sexy underwear.Women who are conservative and adhere to traditional concepts may refuse to buy sexy underwear, or only use them in special circumstances.


In addition, different roles and perspectives in marriage will also affect women’s attitude towards sexy underwear.If women think of sex as a happiness that can be enjoyed and happy and relaxed in the life of husband and wife, then she may be easier to accept the trendy culture of sexy underwear.


However, even if women are willing to buy sexy underwear, they may have hesitant, do not know which type of choice or where to buy.Some women may feel embarrassed to choose sexy underwear in the store, because they need to communicate directly with strange people.However, the popularity of the Internet has now provided solutions for this issue.Women can easily choose and buy sexy underwear at home through online shopping platforms to overcome the embarrassment when shopping.


In the group, some women have different attitudes towards sexy underwear.Young women may be more willing to buy sexy underwear because they are more open and accept new things.The older women may be more inclined to choose some conservative underwear styles, or simply give up sexy underwear.

Use occasion

In addition to buying, women also need to consider using sex underwear under what occasions.Some women choose to use sexy underwear in home life to increase the sexual interest between husband and wife.Other people may consider using special gatherings or appropriate time to bring some changes and surprises to their lives.

Quality is particularly important

If a woman decides to buy sexy underwear, quality is a very important factor.Good quality means more comfortable, healthy and high -quality products.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, women need to choose carefully to ensure that they buy high -quality products.

in conclusion

In summary, whether women buy sexy underwear depends on personal cognition, personality, attitude towards sex in marriage, and other factors.In any case, every woman should choose a sexy underwear that suits them according to their preferences and needs to be suitable for them.At the same time, women need to pay attention to quality when buying sexy underwear to ensure that they can enjoy the fun brought by this lifestyle with peace of mind.

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