What sizes of sexy underwear

Sex underwear size measurement method

Choosing the right erotic underwear is the key to ensuring comfort and aesthetics.But different brands and manufacturers may be slightly different, so make sure you measure your accurate size before buying.You need a tape meter, a mirror or a friend who can help you measure.

Frequent erotic underwear size

Common erotic underwear size includes XS, S, M, L, and XL.These size meet the standards of most brands and manufacturers, but there may still be some differences.For example, some brands use digital size instead of letters or Chinese size.Before buying a sexy underwear, make sure you have understood your accurate size and view the brand’s size table.

Drain size and measurement method

When calculating the bras of the bra, you need to measure your bust and lower bust.Measuring bust is done by bypassing the body horizontally at the most plump parts.Measuring the lower bust is done by bypass the body in the lower edge of the sternum.Reduce these measurement results. If the difference is less than 1 inches, your lower bust size is the number you measured.If the difference is equal to 1 inches, your lower bust size is the number you measured with 32.If the difference is equal to 2 inches, your lower bust size is the number you measured with 34.

Men’s underwear size and measurement method

Common sizes of men’s sex underwear include S, M, L, and XL.When measuring the size, the size of the waist and hips needs to be measured.Measuring waist circumference is completed in your natural waist.Measuring the most plump parts to measure hip.

How does high waist underwear and the big show at the concert match?

High -waist underwear usually has higher waistlines, which can shape the figure more than low waist underwear, but we need to pay attention to matching.If you want to wear it to participate in the concert or concert, with a jacket and shoes with a navel installation or exposing some waist skin, it is a good choice.If you want to use high waist underwear for daily wear, you can pair with jeans or dresses, so that you can maintain the plastic characteristics of high waist pants and not lose fashion.

The size and precautions of stockings and leggings

The size of stockings and leggings is usually determined by height and weight.But when choosing, we should choose according to our body and style.If you are short or overweight, choose a relatively lighter color, simple lines, or choosing black leggings is a relatively insurance choice.If you are slim, you can choose high -level custom styles such as bright colors, lace, and flowers, which are comfortable and fashionable to wear.

What is the difference between chest pads and peace pads?

The chest pad is a tool to increase the plumpness and comfort of the chest, which can be used in various sexy underwear.Unlike, in general, flat pads are more used for daily underwear.Flat pads are usually thin foam or cotton pads, which can be used for fashion corset, shoulder strap underwear, suspended underwear, sports underwear, etc.The chest pads are usually sponge materials, which is more suitable for sexual emotional interest underwear or underwear.

The choice and match of lace sex lingerie

Lace erotic underwear is the favorite of many women, because of its sexy and generous appearance.However, when we choose and match with lace sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to some details.First of all, we need to choose a lace sexy underwear that is suitable for ourselves.Secondly, when pairing with lace sexy underwear, you can choose some dark and dark coats as a match, which can make lace sexy underwear more prominent.In addition, you can choose to match the coat of the coat in the autumn and winter seasons, so that you can not lose your style and keep warm.

Washing and maintenance of sexy underwear

Cleaning sex underwear needs to be particularly careful because it is usually made of soft and detailed fabrics.Before cleaning, first read the cleaning instructions on the underwear label.Especially those sexy underwear containing lace and silk need to be more cautious.During the cleaning process, we can use adult -dedicated washing solution, and you should not throw the sexy underwear into the dryer and should dry them.

How to maintain the beauty and durability of sexy underwear

Storage and maintenance of your sexy underwear correctly can make them more beautiful and durable.First of all, you should create different storage methods for different types of underwear, such as placing lace sexy underwear on the flat surface and hanging the full cup bra.Secondly, avoid exposing sex underwear in the sun or drying with high calories.Finally, gently washing and ironing sexy underwear can make it more lasting and comfortable.

in conclusion

Choosing the right sexy underwear is the key to ensuring comfort and aesthetics. The correct size and style can meet your interesting needs and comfort needs at the same time.However, the size and style of different brands and manufacturers may have a certain degree of differences. Please measure your accurate size before purchasing, check the brand’s size table, and choose a sexy lingerie style that suits you.Storage, cleaning and maintenance of sexy underwear are also very important, so that the durability and aesthetics of sexy underwear can be maintained.Choosing the right sexy underwear and the correct maintenance method can keep you confident and charm.

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