What is the name of the novel of sexy underwear?

Representative works of sex novels

As we all know, sexy underwear plays an important role in sex life.And sex novels have also become a good material for many people to have sexual fantasy and flirting.Because of this, many excellent erotic novels have gradually entered the reader’s vision.

From "The Show of the Flower" to "Venus in Furs"

As a representative work of sex novels, "The Show of Tihua" has become one of the classics of sex novels with its freely openness and vivid plot.It not only explores human nature, but also shows unique flirting skills and postures.

On the other hand, in 1844, "Venus in Furs" was created by Austrian philosopher Sacher-Masoch, which was later known as one of the "vertices of erotic literature" by Pruuster, and discussed SM love asA unique complexity of emotional relationship.

Exquisite description and attention of gender identity

Good interest novels not only explore sex itself, but also pay attention to emotion and gender."American Person" depicts the basic fear of a man’s identity of the lower level of society with its symbolic expression.At the same time, this novel also shows the author’s detailed observation of life.

After some sex novels, some sexual novels also began to conduct in -depth investigations on issues such as habitual, petty bourgeoisie life, and gender identity, such as "The Desire for the whole day" and "Dating Millennium" are excellent representative works.

Interesting novels of the new era

With the rapid development of social changes, sex novels have also changed in accordance with the changes of the times.The sex novels of the new era tend to describe more straightforward, real sex and love.Such as "A week", "I’m Not Eden", etc., these novels no longer regard sex as a research cost of inquiry, but pay more attention to the emotion and mental anxiety of women and LGBT groups.

Everyone has their own taste

When looking at sex novels, we cannot ignore everyone’s taste and preference.Some people prefer exquisite depiction and profound gender identity issues, and some prefer real straightforward descriptions.And physical touch and eye senses are one of the important elements for everyone to evaluate a sex novel.

The difference between sexual stories and life experience

Fiction novels are not just a simple sex story, although their beginning may only start because of sex.Excellent erotic novels often have the significance of a deeper life experience, emotion and cognition.These novels allow you to explore yourself in depth, but also allow you to have a deeper understanding and experience of sex.

Sex novels can also promote interpersonal relationships

The role of sex novels is not only the sex education of adults, but also its limits of gender and culture, to convey the values of positive and stimulating life energy.It can promote interpersonal communication and emotional sublimation, leapfrog and analyze cultural barriers.

Read when it is suitable for liberating the center of gravity

Needless to say, excellent sex novels can allow you to experience pleasure and excitement, and make your sex life more interesting and rich.However, we must also know that sex novels are just a pleasure, not eternal happiness.Therefore, when liberating our focus, we should look at life and love more reasonably.


In short, excellent erotic novels bring us not only the stimulus of sexual desire, they are also the inquiry and transmission of eternal topics of life and love.We should use sex novels to discover the possibility of ourselves and expanding interpersonal relationships.

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