What is the fat man for sexy underwear?

Fatty’s erotic underwear selection

Sex underwear makes fat people more confident and show their charm.However, choosing the right sexy underwear is not easy for fat people.Here are some tips to help you choose a sexy underwear that suits you.

Choose the right size

It is very important to choose the right size.Too large size or too small will make you feel uncomfortable and affect the overall effect.By measuring your body, you can find the most suitable sexy underwear size for you.Different brands may have different size standards. It is best to view and compare the size tables of various brands to find the right size.

Choose a suitable style

Fatty is generally full, so you can choose some tolerance and covering styles.For example, some dress -style sexy underwear with lace and lace can help hide the fat on the chest and abdomen.At the same time, avoiding too tight styles will make your body feel uncomfortable.

Choose a suitable color

The color should also be selected according to your skin color.Fatty can choose some dark sexy underwear, such as dark, dark red and other dark colors.It can play a role in modifying the figure and more sexy.

Choose suitable fabrics

For fat people, fabrics are also very important.Choosing soft and comfortable fabrics can avoid unnecessary oppression and maintain good breathability.Try to avoid choosing over -tight hydraulic fibers and skin -friendly fiber fabrics to avoid bruises and allergies.

Choose the right underwear style

For different body shapes, fat people can choose different sexy lingerie styles such as A -shaped, H, and X.A -shaped and H -type sexy underwear is relatively loose, and the X -shaped tailoring is more suitable for the body.Choosing a suitable underwear style can better show your body and advantages.

Pay attention to the shoulder straps of the underwear

If your bust is relatively large, then the shoulder strap is especially important when choosing a sexy underwear.Choose a wide shoulder strap so that you can better support your chest.The shoulder strap should not be too tight, and a tight shoulder strap will leave a feeling of uncomfortable.

Choose suitable accessories

Fat people can choose some accessories to match sexy underwear, such as stockings, high heels, necklaces, bracelets that are suitable for their figure.However, do not choose too exaggerated or cumbersome accessories, which will discount the overall effect.

Choose a brand that suits you

Each brand’s sexy lingerie tailoring, color and style are different.It is very important to choose a brand suitable for you according to your needs and experience.You can try more of different brands of sexy underwear and find the brand that suits you best.


Choosing the right sexy underwear can make the fat people more confident and show their charm.Pay attention to the appropriate size, style, color, fabric, underwear style, shoulder straps, accessories and brands, and finally find the sexy underwear that suits you best.I hope this article will help you.

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