What are the color of sexy underwear?

What are the color of sexy underwear?

Sex underwear is a special type of underwear, which is usually used to enhance the fun and sexy atmosphere.In addition to styles and fabrics, colors are also one of the important features of sexy underwear.So, what are the colors of sex underwear?

1. Red

As a symbol of erotic and enthusiastic, red is one of the most common colors in sexy underwear.Red can increase human temperament and vitality, and can also attract the eyes of the partner, making sex more passionate.

2. Black

Black is a classic sexy underwear color, it gives a mysterious, mature and sexy feeling.Black -colored sexy underwear has a strong tolerance and can be suitable for different body shapes and temperament.In addition, black can increase the gas field and make you more confident.

3. White

Although white sex lingerie looks pure, it can create a special loneliness and melancholy.If you pursue a classic beauty experience, white is a good choice.

4. Blue

Blue sexy underwear gives people a gentle, quiet and fresh feeling.It is not as public and passionate as other colors, but it can relax the body and mind, and find the peace and peace in sex in sex.

5. Pink

Pink colors are soft, cute and romantic.It is a feminine color that enhances the warmth and charm of women.If you want to show women’s softness and kindness in sex, pink is worthy of trying.

6. Purple

Purple sexy underwear gives people a mysterious, noble and elegant feeling.Purple implies romance and philosophy, and can also create a deep emotional experience.If you want to present a certain aesthetic style in sex, purple sexy underwear is a good choice.

7. Yellow

The yellow sex lingerie is as bright and beautiful as the sun, which can bring people some joy and relaxed feelings.It is usually used to stimulate the mood and sexual interest between husband and wife, making sex more lively and interesting.

8. Green

Green erotic underwear can make people feel the vitality and vitality of nature, and it is a healthy and comfortable color.Green erotic underwear can create a relaxed and comfortable situation, making sex more natural and smooth.


The color of sexy underwear has a variety of colors, and each color has its own unique style and characteristics.For those who choose sexy underwear, it is more important to choose a color that can conform to their own personality and style, creating a sexy and interesting atmosphere that is truly suitable for them.

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