What are the cleanliness of sexy underwear cleaning

Interest underwear is a special underwear. It has the characteristics of sexy and tempting, so it is necessary to take appropriate methods to clean it.This article will introduce how to clean up sexy lingerie and provide what kind of cleaning agent is used and the error method to avoid appearing.This article is divided into eight parts.

Choose the correct way of cleaning

First of all, we should consider the material of sexy underwear.Some erotic underwear may be made of easy -to -clean materials such as cotton, and others may include silk, lace and other materials. These materials need to be handled more cautiously.You can use a washing machine to clean up for easy cleaning underwear.However, for silk, lace or other more fragile or easily damaged materials, it is best to wash and use deep ocean sterilization solution or professional sexy underwear cleaner.

Choose the appropriate cleaning agent

Choosing the correct cleaning agent is the key to cleaning the sexy underwear.There are many erotic underwear cleaner on the market, but because of their herbal and plant -based ingredients, they are softer and fragrant compared to conventional washing materials.In addition, if you want to use laundry powder or liquid cleaner, make sure they are fragrance, low concentration and mild.

How to use a cleaner

In order to achieve the best results, please read the usage of the usage of the cleaner carefully.Pour the cleaner into the water and wash the sex underwear with warm water.During the cleaning process, avoid excessive detergents.If you use excessive cleaning agents, it is difficult to rinse well, which may cause unpredictable damage to underwear and skin.

How to clean your hands with your hands

The method of washing sex underwear is very simple.First, you need to prepare a large size washing basin and detergent.Put the underwear into the basin, add the cleaner and water, and then soak the underwear in the water with your hands and gently knead it.Finally, rinse it with water.

How to use a washing machine to clean the sexy underwear

If the sexy underwear can be washed machine, please use warm water and low speed to gently wash.Avoid using strong or deep cleaner.In addition, you can use a laundry bag to avoid collisions with other clothes to reduce the possibility of damage to underwear.

The correct way to dry sex underwear

Interest underwear should be dried on the drying rack to avoid using a dryer.The dryer may shrink and damage its materials.During the drying process, avoid exposing underwear in the sun, because strong sunlight may damage the color and materials of the underwear.

Interest underwear should not use bleach

Sex underwear is different from conventional clothing and cannot use bleach.The bleaching agent will corrode the fiber on the underwear, and it may also cause adverse effects on the skin.

Do not rub violently or dehydrate sexy underwear

Sex underwear should avoid violent rubbing or dehydration.For some materials, such as silk and lace, this behavior may lead to deformation, burrs and tearing of underwear.Therefore, in the process of cleaning and dehydration, you need to treat sexy underwear gently.


In summary, the correct cleaning method can ensure that the sexy underwear maintains a beautiful, attractive and longevity throughout the life cycle.Although sexy underwear is a special underwear, it is not difficult to clean and maintain.It is critical to choose the correct cleaning agent and cleaning method.I hope this article solves the confusion of cleaning and sexy underwear.

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