Wear a sexy underwear and flow water by yourself

Wear a sexy underwear and flow water by yourself

On the road to pursuing fun life, sexy underwear has been the earliest popular lace style, and now the design of various materials and shapes has become an indispensable toy for more and more people.However, how to put on sexy underwear correctly to make it really improve its sexy level, it is a headache.Below I will share a few experiences and experience, so that you can also flow water by wearing sexy underwear.

1. Show your beautiful breast type

On the choice of sexy underwear, many people only pay attention to the style, but ignore the chest type.If you want to make the underwear a lot of color, the first condition is to make the chest shape beautiful and generous.Therefore, when choosing a sexy underwear, you must choose the corresponding version according to your chest type.If you are a small chest, you can choose a style with a chest pad to increase the chest curve visually; if you are a big breast, you can choose to effectively adjust the chest shape and make the chest more upright.Choose the right version to better show your sexy.

2. Choose the material that suits you

In addition to the version, the material is also an important choice standard for sexy underwear.The characteristics of transparent, cool, humidity absorption, extension, tightness, etc. determine the dressing experience.When the weather is hot, you can choose breathable, personal and light material, and you can choose thick and warm materials in winter.If you want to create different styles and feelings, you can choose different materials, such as silk with romance and smoothness, and cotton is breathable and comfortable.Choosing the material that suits you will not only add sexy, but also bring the comfort of wearing.

3. Pay attention to the personal effect of underwear

With the clothes worn outside the lingerie, the personal effect directly affects the wearing effect.Therefore, while choosing a sexy underwear, we must also consider the clever matching of the underwear.When the fabric of the underwear is comfortable and personal, there is no too much folds and lines, so that the underwear can better avoid displacement when wearing the underwear, and it fits the curve of the body, which will make you more confident and sexy when you wear sexy underwear.

4. Choose different underwear different occasions on different occasions

There are many types of sexy underwear, so different underwear should be selected in different occasions.For example, the transparent thin material style is very suitable for wearing when entertaining at home, and in the out -of -event activities, you can choose a better texture such as lace and silk underwear.For wedding photography and other occasions, you can choose sexy underwear suits of different materials and styles to show the sexy and beauty of women.

5. The color of the underwear color

Choosing color matching is important.The most basic choice is the simple and generous colors such as black, white, and beige, which can better reflect the sexy atmosphere.If you want to increase temperament and mystery, you can choose dark red, dark blue, deep purple and other colors. These dark colors have a strong sexy and mysterious sense, and more than one style of interpretation of your sexy interpretation.

6. The correct way of wear

The correct way to wear is the basic element of wearing sexy underwear.First, there must be a suitable size, because the inappropriate size may cause the chest cup or chest strap to slip, affecting the effect.The chest strap of the underwear should maintain a certain tightness, which is comfortable and uncomfortable when wearing.Through the tight band adjustment and the shape of the chest cup, tighten your chest high, which can not only increase the three -dimensional sense of the chest, but also give you a sexy curve.

7. With the right panties

The clothes are relatively out of hair, and the underwear is the center of gravity.When wearing sexy underwear, it is especially paired with the appropriate underwear.Like underwear, the choice of underwear is also the key.Pay attention to your body shape and panties’ materials to coordinate with underwear. It is best to form the same color or the same material style, which can form an overall aesthetic and more visual impact.

8. Correctly organize and save

After buying sexy underwear, correct collation and preservation are the key to ensuring the life of the underwear and maintaining the performance of the underwear.First of all, avoid using washing powder, laundry water, etc. to clean underwear. For some fragile materials, you can use neutral detergents to clean the underwear and do not dry it with dewatering machine.In addition, underwear should also pay attention when not in use.The underwear should be placed in the underworld bag to avoid exposure, stored in a dry and ventilated place, and keep it dry and tidy to ensure the service life.

9. Highlight your own characteristics

Selecting sexy underwear is not only to make yourself more sexy, but also to make yourself more confident, but also highlight your own characteristics.Whether it is wild personality or soft image characteristics, there is always a sexy underwear that can highlight your uniqueness.When choosing underwear, pay attention to personal style and characteristics, and select the sexy underwear that best highlights your own.

10. Let yourself have sufficient mentality

Finally, let yourself have sufficient mentality.Don’t pursue perfection too much, choose your favorite erotic underwear, try bravely, try new feelings and styles.No matter what the underwear style style is, we must vary from person to person, fully understand the characteristics of your figure, and choose the most suitable underwear to allow you to highlight your sexy side when wearing.


Interest underwear is a product of personality, fashion, sexy, and relaxed. Wearing sexy underwear can allow women to play sexy charm in it.Finally, it is reminded that after wearing a sexy underwear, enjoying a happy time with your boyfriend is also the best time to express your sexy charm.

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