Ustesced to wear sexy underwear BL


Interest underwear is a very private clothing, and it is often involved only when two people play in private.However, some people may encounter the case of being forced to wear sexy underwear. These situations may be unavoidable, such as in BL novels.

The plot of being forced to wear sexy underwear in BL novels

In BL novels, the plot of being forced to wear sexy underwear seems very common.This kind of plot seems to be considered interesting or exciting, but it may actually cause discomfort for many people.

Forced to wear sexy underwear

There may be many cases of being forced to wear sexy underwear, such as being forced to wear when joking between friends, forced to wear in sex games, and so on.This situation may make people feel very embarrassing and embarrassed.

Effect on the body

If the sexy underwear is uncomfortable or does not meet the form of personal body, it may have adverse effects on the body, such as holding the waist, holding your legs, and so on.Therefore, it is important to ensure that these clothes do not have any negative impact on the body when forcing others to wear sexy underwear.

Impact on Emotion

Forced to wear sex underwear may have adverse effects on people’s emotions, especially when this situation is achieved by deception and forced.This behavior may destroy the trust relationship between people, and even be regarded as psychological violence.

Respect the choice of others

At any time, it is very important to respect the choice of others.If someone does not want to wear fun underwear, it is obviously immoral forcing others to wear.To avoid this situation, it is best to clearly stipulate their respective boundaries and ideas in advance to maintain a good relationship.

Communication is the key

It is very important to carry out clear and clear communication when it comes to the problem of sexy underwear.If you discuss with others in advance and obtain each other’s consent, the subsequent problems will be more smooth.

Self -protection

It is important to protect yourself when it is forcing yourself to wear sexy underwear.If the situation becomes bad, we must bravely ask others to ask for help or for help.


It is a very bad behavior that is forced to wear sexy underwear and may have a adverse effect on the human body and emotions.Whether it is emotional communication or sexual intercourse, respect for the choice and clear communication of others.

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