Taobao sex lingerie can’t be sold

Interest underwear becomes a hot spot in Taobao

In recent years, as people’s acceptance of sex and sex life has become higher and higher, sexy underwear has become a hot spot on Taobao.All types, styles, and colors are available, which meets consumers’ needs for sexy, gender and personalized.However, in such a hot market, sellers also face many challenges

Dilemma under price warfare

In Taobao’s sex underwear market, the competition is very fierce. Many sellers face homogeneous problems, and the price war has become a conventional means.Some sellers sell goods by prices, but doing so will make buyers feel that the value of this product is low, and it will also affect the profit of the seller.

product quality problem

Of course, some problems such as are not fine -grained underwear, the fabrics are not real, and the problems of uncomfortable wear also make it difficult for some sellers to defend their rights during the after -sales.Such problems will cause consumers’ dissatisfaction, affect the reputation of the seller, and then reduce sales.

Poor after -sales service

In addition to product quality problems, some sellers do not do well in after -sales service.For example, if you do not deal with the after -sales problem of consumer time, or the processing method is not allowed to cause consumers to be dissatisfied, these will greatly affect the seller’s reputation and reputation.

The importance of focusing on market trends

For sellers, the trend of keeping up with the market is very important.In the field of erotic underwear, consumers are more inclined to buy personalized and distinctive products.If the seller cannot launch a new style in time, it will be easily eliminated by the market.

Use social media to increase brand exposure

Social media is one of the best channels for increasing brand exposure and powder suction rates.In the field of sexy underwear, the role of social media is even more self -evident.In addition to the release of product information and sales promotion activities, sellers can also use social media to show the charm of sexy underwear, thereby attracting more consumers.

Refined operation is the key

In the process of selling sexy underwear, refined operations are extremely necessary.Sellers need to understand the target users, and then formulate operating strategies for consumers’ needs.Only in this way can you win the trust and praise of consumers.

Multi -channel promotion but not trying to pursue perfection

Sellers also need flexibility for promotional strategies.Blind prices and pursuing perfection are not feasible.Multi -channel promotion should be the primary choice for sellers.In response to the principles of thin -profit sales, constantly trial and error, explore different promotion methods, and finally find a method that suits you.

Novice sellers can do well

For novice sellers, of course, it will face more challenges, but there is no need to worry too much.While doing a good job, spending time and energy to learn operating strategies will increase the sales of the product, and at the same time allow yourself to grow quickly.

Combining marketing strategies to achieve commercial success

For sellers, good marketing strategies are the key to business success.By investing a certain amount of funds, time and energy, and formulating effective strategies for its own products and target users can we occupy an advantageous position in fierce market competition.


The market for sex underwear has developed rapidly and fierce competition.Sellers selling sexy underwear are facing successful opportunities and challenges. They need to master advanced sales skills and strategies. At the same time, they must be conscience and intention in product quality and after -sales service to win the favor and word of mouth of consumers.

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