Swimwear as a novel of sexy underwear models

Summer encounter

The breeze of the seventh day was blowing, and on the beach of Wequan, the crowd was bustling, laughing and laughing, and the beverage seller shouted at the place where I didn’t move.

"Beauty, do you need something cool?"

Taste the taste of summer

I stunned my lips, and I just drank the ice cream and was extremely cold. I gently rejected his kindness.

The different temperament under the swimsuit

After eating dry, I finally couldn’t help walking into the beach.The beautiful coastline, the vast ocean, and the colorful players make me think this summer is so beautiful.

At this time, my eyes were attracted by a model wearing sexy swimwear.Her beautiful figure charm my eyes, as if the swimming suit has a different temperament.

The reflection of the inner temperament of the swimsuit

I followed the breeze of whistling and walked towards the beauty. From a distance, I felt that the inner temperament of the swimsuit seemed to follow her steps.

The difference between underwear and swimsuit

I know, whether it is sexy underwear or swimsuit, there is actually the difference in essence.

Interesting underwear focuses on visual monologue. It is a sexy expression; swimwear is essentially underwater underwear, which requires both beauty and practicality.

Similar similarities and differences in swimwear erotic underwear

However, there are many similarities between swimwear and sexy underwear.For example, in terms of color, both like to use bright colors to make women more colorful.

For example, in terms of materials, both need to choose special fabrics to ensure both sexy and comfort.

What is common to swimwear sex underwear in common

The two also include the requirements for women’s body. The design of swimwear and sexy underwear is to show the advantages of women’s figure, allowing people to pay more attention to the beauty of body shape and lines.

attitude decides everything

Whether swimwear or sexy underwear, you need to treat it with the right attitude.In my eyes, swimsuit models are a manifestation of inner temperament, and sexy underwear is a kind of interesting suggestion for lovers.The focus of the two is different, but both need to be viewed with the correct attitude.

Temperament is the best sexy underwear

I believe everyone has heard such a sentence: "Temperament is the best sexy underwear." In my opinion, the temperament of swimsuit models is the best sexy underwear, because it not only fits the aesthetics of the Internet era, but also shows unscrupulously.The perfection of women’s figure.

Appreciate beauty, don’t explain too much

In the face of beauty, we don’t have to explain too much.As two different cultural display methods, swimwear and sexy underwear are actually praising women’s beauty and sexy ways.

In my opinion, all you have to do is appreciation, and excessive explanations are meaningless.

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