Summer Pleuy

Summer Pleuy

Summer is approaching, do you want to show your sexy charm in a hot summer?Then it is essential to choose a suitable summer sex underwear.But how to choose in many styles and materials to make you feel charming?This article will carefully analyze the sexy underwear required for summer and how to choose the right style to help you choose the most comfortable and sexiest sexy underwear.

1. breathable material

With the rise of temperature, breathability becomes an important factor in selecting sexual erotic underwear. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a fresh and comfortable breathability material for fresh and comfortable breathability materials.In the summer, the selected materials should be cotton and cotton. The quality is good and sweat -absorbing, so that the body will be dry and breathable at all times in the hot summer.

2. Lightly close and close

Summer temperature is high, and choosing thick sexy underwear is absolutely wrong.A light and thin summer sexy underwear is very suitable for summer wear, which makes people feel more comfortable and natural.

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3. Good matching color

Color is one of the most important parts of clothing. Choosing the right color will make you more beautiful.In summer, you can choose bright and bright colors, such as purple, pink, fluorescent orange, lemon yellow and so on.The choice of these colors is more suitable for summer atmosphere.

4. Design reasonableness

The excellent design of summer sexy underwear can help you spend these hot summer comfortably through the thickness of the material thickness of the material, the length of the adjustment band, and the position of the shoulder strap.Of course, perfect design can not only make you more comfortable, but also make your figure more perfect.

5. Material of tulle

If you want to choose a sexy lingerie with tulle, then this is also a better choice throughout the summer, because it can not only show your sexy charm, but also keep you refreshing and clean in the hot summer.

6. High -quality suppression effect

In the summer, it is particularly important to take a closer look at the suppression effect when choosing a fun underwear.A more compressed sexy underwear allows you to keep your body comfortable and breathable while getting perfect.Tighter tightness may make you feel breathable and uncomfortable, and the loose underwear cannot highlight the figure.

7. Details determine quality


A high -quality erotic underwear is composed of many details, such as the designs of fish bone bone in urgent, steel brackets that are not easy to deform, better abdomen control, and various exquisite jewelry decoration.In order to ensure comfort, these inner details must be noted.

8. Choose the correct size

Choosing the correct size is important in the summer, so when buying a sexy underwear, you need to measure your body size to find the perfect and suitable size. Smaller or larger size will bring a certain discomfort to your body.To reduce your overall experience.

9. Choose the right type

Whether it is lace sexy underwear or silk sex underwear, choosing a type suitable for you needs to be weighing between sexy and comfortable.If you like natural comfort, you can have a breathable cotton underwear should be your choice.If you want to reflect sexy and charming, it will be more promising to choose lace or silk.

10. Overall suggestion

When choosing summer sex underwear, you should always pay attention to materials, design, size, seasonality and proper color, and choose selection styles with good comfort and breathability; at the same time, careful and thoughtful craftsmanship and size adaptation is also summer underwearImportant factor.Only by using the correct means and comprehensive knowledge can you choose the suitable summer sexy underwear, so that you can fully reflect your charm in the hot summer, and always be in a beautiful state.