Should I tell my boyfriend in sex underwear?

Should I tell my boyfriend in sex underwear?

1. Introduction

Interest underwear is a fashion choice for modern women. It not only makes women feel confident, but also brings visually enjoyment to men.However, many women will encounter a problem, should they tell her boyfriend about their sexy underwear?This problem seems simple, but the content involved is very complicated.

2. The benefits of wearing sexy underwear

The appearance of sexy underwear makes many women feel more charming and sexy, and can also enhance their self -confidence.Wearing sexy underwear can get rid of the monotonous life in the weekdays, jump out of your comfort zone, and make your life more colorful.In addition, wearing sexy underwear can also pay more attention to their health, because this underwear usually uses high -quality materials to make the body better care.

3. Boyfriend’s response

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Although wearing erotic underwear has many benefits to women, women will still worry about her boyfriend’s response.Some women feel that wearing sexy underwear will make her boyfriend feel that they are unscrupulous and unbridled, and some women are worried that her boyfriend will feel too sloppy.

4. How to tell your boyfriend

If women decide to tell her boyfriend to wear sexy underwear, then you need to prepare for it.Tell her boyfriend to be courageous and confident, because this may make women feel that they are exposed, so women need to make self -adjustment in their hearts.In addition, women need to find the right time, and this time should try to avoid telling him when his boyfriend is busy or emotionally low.

5. Boyfriend’s attitude is important

If a woman decides to tell her boyfriend to wear sexy underwear, then her boyfriend’s attitude is important.If her boyfriend can appreciate his girlfriend’s dress, women will feel that they are affirmed and respected, which will further enhance women’s self -confidence.On the contrary, if her boyfriend cannot understand women’s thoughts, women will feel harmful, and may even affect the relationship between two people.

6. How to alleviate the discomfort of boyfriend

If a woman decides to tell her boyfriend to wear sexy underwear, but her boyfriend is uncomfortable, then women need to think about some relief methods.For example, women can use sexy underwear as a surprise. Do not always wear it in front of her boyfriend. Occasionally surprises will make her boyfriend more appreciate the sexy charm of women.In addition, women can also choose love underwear with her boyfriend, which will make the relationship between the two people closer.

7. Women’s self -protection awareness

While telling her boyfriend to wear sexy underwear, women also need to pay attention to their own safety.After all, some men may be excited about women’s sexy underwear, but this does not mean that they will respect the wishes of women.Therefore, while wearing sexy underwear, women also need to protect their safety and avoid accidents.


8. Tell your boyfriend who seek truth from facts

In the end, I think women should tell her boyfriend to wear sexy underwear, because this can enhance the trust and mutual understanding between the two.Of course, women need to make the necessary psychological preparation before telling her boyfriend, and try to find the right time and way to ensure their safety and comfort.

9. Conclusion

In modern society, sexy underwear has become a fashion choice for women.It is not a big deal to tell her boyfriend to wear sexy underwear, but women need to be fully prepared psychologically and safely.Only when women can express their thoughts confidently and her boyfriend can understand women’s thoughts, the relationship between the two people becomes more close and harmonious.

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