Sexual Emotional Lingerie Number

Sexual Emotional Lingerie Number

What is sexy underwear number?

The sexy underwear number refers to the number corresponding to each sexual and emotional and erotic lingerie, usually consisting of numbers and letters.These numbers often have certain hints and symbolic meanings, such as color, material, gender, style, etc.

Why is there a fun underwear number?

The appearance of sexy underwear is to facilitate consumers to choose and buy, especially when it is sold on online sales.Through the number, consumers can accurately understand the detailed information of the product’s style, size, and material to avoid situations that are not suitable for themselves.


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Fun underwear numbers can be classified according to different standards. The commonly used classification methods include color, material, function, gender, brand, etc.The color and material are the most commonly used classification methods. The number of different colors and materials has different meanings and symbols.

The meaning of the color number

Sexy underwear of different colors has different symbolic significance, such as red represents enthusiasm, black represents mystery, and white represents purity.Commonly used color numbers include red (R), black (B), white (W), pink (PK), purple (P), etc.

The meaning of the material number

The material of sexy underwear is also an important part of its number. The number corresponding to different materials has different significance. For example, silk (S) represents soft and lace (L) represents sexy.Commonly used materials include silk (S), lace (L), PU (PU), cotton (C), etc.

The meaning of functional number

As people’s demand for sexual life continues to increase, sexy underwear is no longer simple clothing, and often has some unique functions.For example, massage, vibration, heating, etc. These functions will be clearly marked in the number of sexy underwear, which is convenient for consumers to choose.Common function numbers include massage (m), vibration (v), heating (h), etc.

The meaning of gender number

The gender classification of sexy underwear is mainly divided into two categories of men and women. Men’s sexy underwear is mainly based on enhancing sexual ability. Women’s sexy underwear pays more attention to sexy and fashionable.The commonly used gender numbers include men (M), female use (F), couples (C), etc.

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The meaning of the brand number

The brand of sexy underwear also has its corresponding number, which are generally composed of the brand name or abbreviation.When buying sexy underwear, the brand number can be used as one of the comparison and reference. Choosing a product with the brand number consistently can increase the purchase rate and user satisfaction.

Buy in combination with the number number

After understanding the number of affection underwear, consumers can well combine to buy.When choosing sexy underwear, you must first determine your own needs, such as color, style, material, size, etc.Secondly, you can choose the product that meets your needs through the comparison and screening of the number.

Interesting and cleaning of sexy underwear

After buying a sexy underwear, in addition to being worn correctly, it is essential to clean and maintain in time.Generally speaking, sexy underwear should be cleaned with neutral detergent to avoid long -term soaking and exposure.When storing, try to avoid mixing and matching with other clothes.

in conclusion

With the progress of society and people’s demand for sex, the demand for sex underwear has become higher and higher.The appearance of sexy underwear numbers facilitates the purchase and understanding of consumers, and also increases the popularity and brand influence of the product.Therefore, when buying sexy underwear, understanding the meaning and role of the number number is an important step in improving the efficiency and satisfaction of purchase.