Is your girlfriend sending sex underwear?

1 Introduction

In recent years, sex underwear has become more and more popular as a product type, and has become part of women’s fashion.And now, your girlfriend actually wants to give you a sexy underwear?This makes you feel a little embarrassed and don’t know how to react.This article will analyze it for you: Is it good for your girlfriends to send sex underwear?

2. The type of women’s sexy underwear

First, let’s understand the type of lady’s sexy underwear.From the perspective of common styles, there are two styles: split, conjoined, and various ways such as front buckle, rear buckle and zipper type.From the material point of view, there are various materials such as cotton, silk, simulation silk, gauze and other materials.In terms of design, there are three points, sexy lace, bellyband type and so on.These different types can be selected according to personal hobbies and body types.

3. The relationship with girlfriends

Then, let’s discuss the relationship with girlfriends.As a personal character, girlfriends will pay special attention to your attitude and views on her.Good girlfriends should consider your feelings. If gifts are not suitable, girlfriends will not barely give you.

4. Your self -feelings

Next, let’s turn into your own feelings.If you dare to try new things, it may be a good idea to receive sexy underwear from your girlfriend.If you have a lot of concerns about this, or do not accept such objects due to personal philosophy, then you should clearly tell your girlfriends.

5. Confidence and self -esteem

Sexy underwear emphasizes the sexy and curves of women. If you feel bad or more concentrated in your own personality, so that you are unwilling to expose your body and sexy in public, then the gift of receiving your girlfriends may make you feel uneasy or not.comfortable.

6. Matching issue

At present, there are many sexy underwear on the market, such as sex stockings, sexy high -heeled shoes, etc., will your girlfriends want to buy you in the same series of sexy underwear when you send you sex underwear?This may be one of the trends of the sexy underwear market in the market. If you have improper matching, it will have bad results.

7. Buy sexy underwear occasion

In order to better receive the sexy underwear given to you by your girlfriend, you need to understand when and where to wear it, which will directly affect the meaning of sexy underwear.Especially in public, you need to pay attention to the norms of morality and civilization. Only on the right occasion can you show the charm of sexy underwear.

8. Falling underwear maintenance

Sex underwear requires professional cleaning and maintenance, not simply cleaning like ordinary underwear.Although some sexy underwear is well worked, the materials, styles and styles are more expensive and more complicated than ordinary underwear, so you need to maintain more carefully.

9. Tailor -made sexy underwear

Sex underwear can be tailor -made, which means that uniforms and styles can be customized according to your physical form.If your girlfriend chose this customization method, then this is also a considerate experience.

10. Conclusion

Judging from the above analysis, whether the sexy underwear sent by my girlfriend is complicated and diverse.Warm reminder, your reply will not affect your friendship with your girlfriend, because whether a person wears such clothes is his/her personal choice.I hope that this article can solve you for you, so that you will no longer be trapped in hesitation and doubt when choosing to accept such gifts.

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